Stan Planet 2022C++ Advanced programming entry camp new track for corner overtaking

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Stan planet xinao C++ introductory camp this summer hot open strict selection!High configuration.The golden coach leads the team!Our goal is rapid, efficient and solid C++ learning recruitment instructions suitable grade: grade 5 and above primary school recruitment: 25 people/period opening date: 1st phase: July 4-9 2nd phase: July 11-16 camp address: an international school in Shanghai intensive training fee:This research camp is a fully enclosed camp, located in an international school in Shanghai, with advanced hardware facilities and complete functions.An elegant and safe environment ensures that children can have a good rest from their studies.It’s also a great opportunity for children to step out of their homes and experience community life.Link up the C++ olympiad course to lay a foundation for deep learning. The highlight of the camp is the C++ olympiad course.The value course of the introductory camp will be based on the high value of the letter Olympic course, to quickly learn the efficient and solid C++, to help children sprint for the letter Olympic!What is Kop Shin ‘o?Informatics Olympics is a national computer programming activity for teenagers held by China Computer Society and entrusted by the Ministry of Education and China Association for Science and Technology.It is one of the five competitive activities of “mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and informatics” approved by the Ministry of Education.As a programming competition with such a high content of gold, it is naturally difficult to participate in it. Participants need to fight monsters all the way to upgrade:Csp-j, CSP-S (formerly NOIP Popularization group and Enhancement Group,The national youth informatics Olympic) provincial selection NOI (national youth informatics Olympic) national youth national team selection IOI informatics Olympic winter (international informatics olympiad) camp course highlights a letter the ability to ascend in c + + algorithm and program design for content, focus on students’ imagination and creativity,Understanding and analyzing ability of problems, mathematical ability and logical thinking ability, oral and written expression ability of objective problems and subjective thinking have been greatly improved!Can help children in the future, to meet the challenges of science and technology work.Fast-track NOIP award winners not only have the opportunity to get extra points and exceptional admission, but also have the opportunity to be directly recommended to tsinghua and Peking Universities and other good schools, and even in the application of scholarship, recommended for admission to graduate students, to obtain good results in the Letter Olympic Games will have an important role in helping.① Admission based on merit: Winners of The Letter Olympics can enjoy the preferential admission of some universities in China. Winners of the NOIP in junior high school can also be admitted to key high schools as students with special abilities.② Participating in provincial awards of independent enrollment can be eligible to participate in the independent enrollment of most key universities.③ The athletes who win NOI MEDALS can be recommended to tsinghua university and Peking University directly. ④ The admission score of local schools is lowered. In some provinces and cities, the NOIP popularization group and other groups that improve their ranking can enjoy the admission score of local schools.South and foreign: Xinao province above level 2, National People’s Congress attached: science and technology innovation experience/Xinao achievements, Tsinghua and Peking University: Xinao recommendation, key universities: strong base plan recommended ▲ SOME year National People’s Congress attached to the middle school entrance examination of science and technology expertise recruitment guidelines to study abroad first class to enhance the competitiveness of studying abroad.The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Japan and other developed countries generally attach importance to computer education, winning the award is also helpful to apply for overseas study.Customized KaoXue route with stepwise teaching cognitive Stan kids planet tailored for children “KaoXue route”, the design of c + + course is “take the ladder” for the child, difficulty gradually increase, learning new knowledge and review the old knowledge reasonable collocation, step by step, promote the child to the absorption of knowledge, learning effect is guaranteed.The course is carried out in the form of “points system”, starting from the first activity in a group points system, members of the group points system (for each activity.N points will be added to the first group, M points will be added to the best member of the group, m-1 points will be added to the second best member and so on.More challenging project experience, at the same time, more than 10 awards, we carefully set covers diamond team award, an individual, platinum group award, individual prizes, gold team award, an individual, group of silver prize, an individual, Turing award, von neumann in accordance with the prize, the golden boot, violet award, etc., to stimulate a child’s learning enthusiasm, enhance learning achievement!Professional coaches teach all-round teaching to guarantee the spiral advanced competitive courses independently developed by Stan Planet, polished by high-energy R&D team, N great advantages to help students prepare for the Olympics!Stan star letter Olympic Introductory Camp brought together a group of outstanding teachers, they have been deeply engaged in the letter Olympic teaching for many years, rich experience, repeatedly led the class competition won the award!1. Shanghai University-Computer Science and Technology, majoring in Data Structure, Discrete Mathematics, Database principle, Compilation Principle, etc. 2. Worked as a WEB development engineer in the Software Department of Government and Enterprise of China Telecom, and director of Shanghai Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute.More early focus by citic participating the coach has been more than 3, guide students informatics improve/universal group first prize, second prize, guide the students in the CSP – 2019 J is obtained after sai full marks the achievement of professional coaches xiao-long zhao 1, before calling from huaxun technology 2 C + + software development engineers, Shanghai some brand NOIP courseware development group leader,3. Led the team to win the first prize of CSP-J/S, provincial SAI first prize of Lanqiao Cup and National SAI first prize.This camp not only has the high-end and cool VEX courses, but also specially prepared the colorful “Sports Team Building course”, which provides a variety of fun experiences for children.Promote physical exercise, moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic development.I hope that through such an independent exploration and growth experience, he can stay away from electronic products, mobile phones and ipads, and feel the beauty of life with his heart, find more interests and fun besides playing games, and make friends and cooperate with his peers through mutual help.Fun badminton, basketball, table tennis and so on is the best after school time to relax.To ensure that children can fully relax after class, work and rest.Camp schedule Opening | Day 107:00-09:00 Signing in 09:00-10:30 Opening activities 10:30-12:00 Computer and Programming 12:00-13:00 lunch 13:00-14:30 Input and output 14:3-16:00Variables, operators 16:00-17:30 team construction PE 19:30-19:00 dinner 19:00-20:00 base and bit operations 20:00-21:30 Wash & Bedtime Schedule Introduction | Day 207:00-09:00 Get up & Wash & Breakfast 09:00-10:30Branch statement 10:30-12:00 Branch statement 12:00-13:00 Lunch 13:00-14:30 Branch nesting 14:30-16:00 Flow chart 16:00-17:30 Group construction PE 17:30-19:00 dinner 19:00-20:00Day 307:00-09:00 Wake up & Wash & Breakfast 09:00-10:30 do while cycle 10:00-12:00 do while cycle 12:00-13:00Lunch 13:00-14:30 for cycle 14:30-16:00 for cycle 16:00-17:30 group construction PE 17:30-19:00 dinner 19:00-20:00 cycle nesting, application 20:00-21:30 Wash & bed Schedule Introduction | Day407:00-09:00 Wake up & Wash & Breakfast 09:00-10:30 array 10:30-12:00 array 12:00-13:00 Lunch 13:00-14:30 Time and space complexity 14:30-16:00 Time and space complexity 16:00-17:30Team construction PE 17:30-19:00 dinner 19:00-20:00 study tabloids report speech 20:00-21:30 Wash & Bedtime Schedule Introduction | Day 507:00-09:00 Get up & Wash & Breakfast 09:00-10:30 One-star challenge 10:30-12:00One-star challenge 12:00-13:00 Lunch 13:00-14:30 Two-star challenge 14:30-16:00 Three-star challenge 16:00-17:30 Gym class 17:30-19:00 dinner 19:00-20:00 Science and technology movie/documentary appreciation 20:00-21:30Morning run and breakfast 09:00-10:30 Camp closing Ceremony (show, award, group photo) 10:30-12:00 Answer to common questions for return Q1: Can parents and children attend the camp?A: This camp activity is for children alone, and the whole process is managed in A closed environment to ensure that children can study in A safe and quiet environment.Q2: What is the round-trip arrangement?A: The round-trip schedule is arranged by the parents themselves. Our leading teacher will meet you at the gate of the camp and arrange your entry and return.Q3: How are the related catering arrangements?A: All the children have three meals at 200 yuan per person per day.If you have special needs, please inform the teacher in advance.Q4: What equipment do children need to carry?A: Children need to bring A laptop, A change of clothes, toiletries, etc. Parents are not advised to prepare snacks and electronic products other than electronic watches.All teaching AIDS required for the course will be provided by the camp.Q5: What is the teacher staffing situation?A: This camp is equipped with 3 professional course teachers and 2 life teachers, 1 to 6 service, to ensure the smooth learning and life of students.