“Other people’s boyfriend” brings his girlfriend home for Chinese New Year. The boy has a high eq, good appearance and is considerate

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Recently, a young man in Jiangxi province took his girlfriend home for the first time to celebrate the Spring Festival, which went viral.When the boy took the girl home, the girl was a little embarrassed, but the boy went home and carried out a series of operations, which made the Internet users sigh: the boy has high emotional intelligence, high appearance level, sweet and kind, worthy of being someone else’s boyfriend.Originally, the jiangxi guy, before the Chinese New Year, and his girlfriend to discuss, take her home for the Chinese New Year, girlfriend after listening to the heart joy and tension.In order to ease the anxiety in his girlfriend’s heart, the boy told his parents the news early in the morning, so that the family has a preparation.Unexpectedly, after the boy took his girlfriend home, his parents’ preparation really surprised him: when he opened the door, he saw that the home was filled with seven aunts and eight aunts.There was hardly a place to stand on the sofa, on the chair, in or out of the house.Friends and relatives see the guy’s girlfriend, will be all eyes on his girlfriend, which makes the nervous girlfriend embarrassed, but also do not know how to open up.The boy saw this, high eq, he did not wait for his family to open their mouth, he said first, I saw him humorously to introduce to everyone: I know you will certainly have a lot of questions to ask, let me introduce.This is my future wife, who can go up in the hall, down in the kitchen, steady work, gentle and kind!”He praised his girlfriend as “beautiful, generous and decent”.This introduction not only makes his girlfriend comfortable in the family’s New Year atmosphere, but also draws in the distance between his girlfriend and her family, and alleviates everyone’s curiosity and concern about his girlfriend.After introducing his girlfriend, we have tea and chat together.In this process, the guy is considerate to his girlfriend.He was afraid of girlfriend boring, proposed to do games together, we participate in them, virtually pull in each other’s distance, girlfriend also need not deliberately maintain the correct attitude to see parents, let her here with his home.When cummer goes to the toilet, the boy still handed perfume secretly, be afraid cummer goes to the toilet originally, feel the body has flavour, do not know how to handle to bring embarrassment.Also prepared detergents and so on, convenient girlfriend to deal with details!He also secretly said to his girlfriend: “If you have any needs, give me a look and immediately ‘save’!”Details determine success or failure, the boy’s thoughtful, let the Internet envy.There is a netizen message: ask such a man, who do not want to marry?Netizens also lamented that there would be no mother-in-law and daughter-in-law problems in the future.Some netizens envy: across the screen can smell the taste of love.Such a boyfriend is worth cherishing!In xiaobian’s opinion, this guy is really good, can not help but ask, do you still have an elder brother or younger brother?To a dozen!