“Ju Jingyi” ancient costume is no longer “semi-permanent”!After fighting for with xianjian 4 crew, the modeling became beautiful

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I believe you have also found that the modeling of modern costume idol dramas is similar in many cases. The modeling of the same actor in different sets has little difference. If the acting is not good enough, it will be dubbed as “semi-permanent” costume by the audience.Ju Jingyi is a typical example.In the TV series “Jiuzhou Sky City” starring Guan Xiaotong and Zhang Ruoyun, Ju Jingyi’s style is recognizable. Qi Liu Hai, beautiful blue eyes and pink gauze skirt make people’s eyes shine.After kyushu Sky City, Ju Jingyi began her career as a costume idol. She has acted in such dramas as Flower Rong, Legend of The Brahma Moon, Ruyi Fangfei, Legend of Jia Nan, Legend of The New Lady White, Warm Blood Chang ‘an, Cloud of The Han Dynasty of Xuanyuan Sword, and Beautiful Scholar.The shows are so similar in styling that viewers might not recognize Ms. Ju’s character if it weren’t for the different cast members in each series.Frankly speaking, Ju Jingyi may not be a beautiful woman, but she is definitely a comely and charming small jade.Her costume looks are by no means ugly, and in many cases delightful.However, the costumes in each drama are the same, and Ju Jingyi’s acting skills are not very good, which gives the audience the illusion that everything is the same.So after acting in so many ancient costume idol dramas and being the no.1 female for so many times, Ju Jingyi has not become a top female star.In the new TV series Chinese Paladin 4, Ju Jingyi has broken away from the “semi-permanent” style and adopted a new style that fits her role. She believes she can better represent her role in the game.At first glance, you might think ju Jingyi’s new look is no different from her previous semi-permanent look, but take a closer look at her headwear and clothing. First, the plastic headpiece she used to wear is gone, and she has changed to a more refreshing braiding hairstyle, which is more like a jianghu woman and more in line with her role.Secondly, ju Jingyi used to wear ancient costumes with floral and twinkle makeup. The little red eyebrow looks lovely, but the audience will always get bored after watching for a long time.This time, she did not wear any jewelry. It was a challenge to attract the audience with her delicate features.Most importantly, Ju jingyi has made a big change in her approach to service.Anyone who has watched her costume dramas knows that gauze skirts are an essential element of her costume.In order to look ethereal, Ju Jingyi always wears high filters on her ancient clothes, which has caused some viewers to make fun of her.This time in the “Chinese Paladin 4” cast, we can see that there is no gauze skirt element in the costume, and the filter is also realistic, and it is not turned on to the extent of visual fatigue for the audience.This group is definitely more reliable than the others.According to fans, Ju jingyi is also very resistant to the “semi-permanent” costume, just because her first costume was successful, and other crew members have adopted that costume to be safe.That’s why Ju Jingyi’s costume is similar every time.In order to make a breakthrough and impress the audience, Ju Jingyi has had a long struggle with the crew of Chinese Paladin 4 before she changed her costume and got a new look that fits her role better.Welcome to leave a message to discuss, this article is only the author’s personal views, rational discussion, do not like spray.