Can you change your life in seven years?Mendy went from unemployed nobody in Fac to champion doorman

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Do you remember who you were seven years ago?Or can you imagine where you’d like to be seven years from now?When the Chelsea goalkeeper lifted the Club World Cup in the early hours of this morning to help the Blues complete the club grand Slam, he may have one person to thank for not giving up on football seven years ago: himself.From being released by Cherbourg as an unemployed player, to winning four titles and three goalkeeper of the Year trophies in 10 months, mendy deserves the utmost respect and respect, whether or not you think he is the best goalkeeper of the day.Mendi grew up in a wealthy family – his father is a businessman in Guinea-Bissau and his mother is a doctor from Senegal – so he was able to pursue his dream of becoming a top goalkeeper.He started his career at le Havre, a French club with a tradition of training goalkeepers, but was released at the age of 19 after losing out to Zachary Boucher, who would become the main goalkeeper in the middle of the French league.When she came home, seeing her parents sad, Mendy said to herself, “I have to change. I have to come up with something that will make mom and Dad happy.If I can’t do it in Le Havre, I’ll go somewhere else. I must succeed.”After three trials mendy was offered a contract by French c side Cherbourg and made his debut in France’s third division.However, he was not a regular in the team, after three years, Mendy won only 10 appearances.To make things even more tragic, mendy was released from his contract when the club were relegated from the French third division in his late 20s, desperate for a chance to play in the English lower leagues (he had visited Brighton as a teenager and idolised ronaldo Nasario, the goalkeeper at the time).Unfortunately, his agent was not too keen on mendy and there was no news of a move to England, leaving mendy unemployed.At one point, he considered retiring, but his parents’ support kept him in the game.He got an unpaid training partner job at his parent club Le Havre and then signed with Marseille II to play in the French fourth division and train with the marseille first team.At 23, Mendy has come a long way.When marseille ii broke up at the end of the season, mendy, once again a free agent, was not afraid because he was offered a contract from French second side Reims.02. Tough start to career: three-time free agent Mendy’s first year in Serie B was a bitter one. Mendy started as a substitute, but won a starting role after making his debut and Posting three shutout games.The following year mendy, 26, scored 18 clean sheets in 34 games as reims won the French Championship, and he joined the team on the French Stage.After the promotion, mendy was re-signed by the club, earning him a “sky-high” salary of 5,000 euros a month.Mendy was so happy that he even told the team president, “That’s too much money!”He was finally able to use his earnings to support his children and family, and save some money at the same time.Solved the worries of life, Mendy’s performance on the pitch is more and more brave.In the first year of the Ligue 1 contribution of 15 games zero wins, let the promotion of lance in the middle of the Ligue 1.He also made his international debut with Senegal.Mendy is proud to have pulled off the comeback, though he remains sober: “I wouldn’t say I’m a role model. I’m no better than anyone else.But it’s not easy. Too many young players don’t make it to the professional game. I hope what I’ve experienced gives them confidence.”Joining Rennes for a fee of 7 million euros, Mendy played there for just one year, but managed to set a record for the century-old Ligue 1 club by conceding the fewest goals per goalkeeper in their history while helping them reach the Champions League.At 1.97 meters tall and with a save success rate of nearly 70 percent, more and more people are paying attention to the 28-year-old goalkeeper.Frustrated by kepa’s poor form, Chelsea decided to go for Mendy.03. Starting your career so hard:Three free agent door di heart bitter let the blues to reason, is the team’s goalkeeper petr cech has played for Ryan, is Czech testimonials, let Chelsea really noticed the French court the real gold, just a to the team, door di is 3 in the premier league and three champions league don’t throw the ball to the almost, hold 500 minutes + innocence,It also left Kepa out of the Chelsea line-up to concentrate on the coach’s bench.In the past 10 months, mendy has seen Chelsea win the Champions League, the Uefa Super Cup, the African Cup and the Club World Cup, making them one of the best goalkeepers in football.Especially beat naaru horse and neuer, goalkeeper who won the 2021 annual top prize uefa goalkeeper of the year, as well as FIFA goalkeeper of the year (compared with the African cup of nations best goalkeeper has less important), marked the door really to be recognized as the top exists, but also created a new history of African football.With the advantage of height and arm length, Mendy has a large defensive area.Even if his goalkeeping fundamentals are not particularly good, he is able to consistently produce good saves with a good goal-line reaction.The blocking of Manet’s shot in the African Cup of Nations final was a case in point.On the other hand, Mendy’s range is good and he has the ability to strike.This time the Palmeiras player Du Du caught the ball into the penalty area when the ball was a little wide mendy was in place in time to collect the ball.In the Premier League, Mendy’s strong control of where crosses fall is also a highlight of his career.It can be said that Chelsea’s defence has taken a step up with him.Still only 30 years old, Mendy has plenty of prime years ahead of him.In the last seven years, he went from rock bottom to peak. What will he write in the next seven years?The bottom line: It’s a motivational story that might serve as a temporary coda with Mendy’s own words at the end of last year: “If I had met my 2021 self in 2015, I would have said to myself: You are amazing.And my 2021 self says to my 2015 self: Thank you for not giving up.”Let’s look forward to another seven years of Mendy’s new saga.His latest target will be the final of the English Carling Cup, aiming for a fifth title in 10 months.# Chelsea win club World Cup for the first time