Beat the cake to celebrate the New Year

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On the eve of the Spring Festival every year, the smell of longmen rice cakes makes local people remember them.In the narrow street of Mai Luo Street, longmen county, there is a time-honored brand xikou Fortune cake shop. The smell of cakes wafts from the street, and the sound of cake molds is repeated. The rice cake makers are rushing their goods again.Luo Weiliang, who is over 40 years old, and his wife Ou Minzhi run this bakery for more than 10 years.The bakery, which has a store of less than 50 square meters, has been passed down to its third generation, founded by Luo’s grandfather.At first, it was a grocery store that also sold rice cakes.To Luo Weiliang father hands, the center of gravity to rice cakes, cakes;Now to The hands of Luo Weiliang, specializing in rice cakes.Fish – shaped rice cakes, meaning more than every year.Rice cakes to be baked in the oven.Longmen rice cake, also known as year cake.According to local legend, more than 500 years ago, in the Ming Dynasty, people in Longmen had the custom of making New Year’s cakes before New Year’s Eve. Families would sit around the fire and make New Year’s cakes together. Neighbors would help each other and communicate with each other to build up friendship.During the Spring Festival, rice cake is one of the gifts local people give to their elders and relatives, and is also an auspicious food for married women to visit their parents.After spring ploughing, longmen villagers go to the mountains and fields early in the morning and return home late at night. Rice cakes, which are easy to carry and can be kept for up to half a year, have become food to satisfy their hunger.In 2015, longmen annual cake making technology was listed in huizhou Municipal Intangible Cultural Heritage list, and in 2017, it was rated as one of the “Top ten Tourism handbooks in Longmen”.Longmen rice cakes are made of high quality winter rice and selected peanuts.Luo Weiliang is checking the rice cakes.With the development of tourism, longmen rice cakes, which used to be only available during the Spring Festival, are now available all year round and have become one of the most famous snacks in Longmen.However, only in the end of the rice cake, the feeling is original.New Year, luo Weiliang couple is also the busiest time, day and night to catch goods.The children near the bakery learned to beat cakes carefully with the master.”When I was suddenly divided into a new story, my family is sorry.Children very happy, firecrackers sound.”In the luo Weiliang couple and enthusiastic neighbors again and again beat the pie mold, take out the rice cake, in the sound of the beating, the reporter seemed to hear the qing Dynasty longmen poet Li Zhulan’s poem “New Year’s Eve”, but also know the “year of the cake, the lunar New Year” custom is still popular in Longmen reasons.Text: Hou Xianjun, reporter from Huizhou Daily Photo: Zhang Ming, reporter from Huizhou Daily