Track announced!A positive infected person was found in Lixian County, Baoding

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Li County cope with COVID – 19 outbreak work leading group office latest notice left about one positive infection activities trajectory have left left at lixian county after dealing with COVID work leading group office about 1-19 outbreak positive infection activities trajectory announcement on March 28, 2022, my county to detect a positive infection, is detected in the isolation control personnel.The trace of his activities is published as follows: The infected person is from Daqudi Town, Our county, engaged in selling ma yam in Shanghai Jiangqiao Wholesale Market, and lived in Shanghai from March 18 to March 26. During this period, the mixed test results were abnormal on March 23, and the retest was negative on the same day.Return from Shanghai at 10:44 on March 26, take G124 train and get off at 15:45 at Cangzhou High-speed railway station, then take an ambulance at the high-speed railway station and arrive at cangyu High-speed river service area.At 18:25, we took a taxi back to hejian service area. At 19:19, we arrived at Daqudi Town, Lixian County, and had a single family at home.On March 27, the nucleic acid test results were initially positive in accordance with the prescribed frequency.On March 28, baoding CDC rechecked the test and the result was positive.At present, he has been transferred to a designated hospital in Baoding city for isolation treatment.I would like to remind the general public: first, please return to medium-high risk areas or epidemic areas, especially those who have recently returned from Shanghai, Jilin and other places, immediately report to the township, community (village) of their residence, actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing and other prevention and control measures.At the same time, they should monitor their own health. In case of fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, loss of smell (taste) sensation, diarrhea and other suspicious symptoms, they should take personal protection, go to the nearest fever clinic or designated hospital for examination, tell the truth about their travel history and contact history, and do not take public transportation during medical treatment.Second, the general public is requested to abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, strictly implement their personal responsibility for prevention and control, develop good living habits, wash their hands frequently, exercise more, wear masks, use chopsticks when going out, have regular ventilation, less movement, do not gather, “one meter noodles” and other good hygiene habits, and take the initiative to vaccinate against COVID-19.Third, the general public is requested not to believe, spread or fabricate rumors, and pay close attention to the information released by official authorities.Those who fail to implement epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with regulations, misreport their travel schedule, cause the spread of infectious diseases and cause serious consequences will be investigated for legal responsibility.Li County response COVID – 19 outbreak work leading group office issued sources have | at lixian county after March 28, 2022