The bedroom does not suggest you buy this kind of big bed, my home buys regret that day, have to discount processing

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Decorate such thing, not be a trifle, today qi home small clever introduce the article of a kind of bedroom to everybody, must not buy such bed inside oneself home bedroom, look not useful, use period of time can be broken, my home at the beginning greedy fresh, bought back useless half a year to change.Is an essential part of a household house bedroom, the bed is, so is much more need to pay attention to when selecting a bed, because the bed is the guarantee of each and every one of us sleep, if you choose the quality is poor, long down, the body will sleep out all sorts of problems, must buy quality assured, with after-sales service of formal store, and don’t covet petty gain,Bitter or their own troubles or their own.For your own healthy body, we buy bed never buy this bed, don’t say I don’t know, check just know how to pit, some judges the Lao shifu to understand while see, let us together look at it: one, the home is not recommended to buy this kind of big bed, pneumatic rod bed for decoration and furniture, do not understand friend, may be don’t know what’s it like in pneumatic rod bed.This kind of bed is not very popular now, but it was very popular with consumers a few years ago.The living standard of people rose now, all sorts of new-style bed emerge in endlessly on market, consumer looks not over, how can buy finish?The principle of the pneumatic rod bed is similar to the car’s trunk door, generally speaking, it is quite safe. If we buy the pneumatic rod bed made by conscience manufacturer, there will be no safety problems.To small family owner, this kind of bed is used rise very convenient, can save the space inside the bedroom effectively, want than traditional big bed, go to the lavatory many.You think ah, the bedroom of small family house is not big originally, still put a big bed, there is no place to receive sundry, and pneumatic rod bed is different.The disadvantage of pneumatic rod bed is also more obvious, that is, its service life is generally not enough traditional bed long, practical from this point of view is not practical.And the manufacturers on the market are not necessarily conscience manufacturers, it is impossible to produce uneven quality of pneumatic rod bed, you can not guarantee that you buy is good quality.Therefore, many friends in the use of pneumatic rod bed, with the use of the bed found a little trouble, such as pressure rod sometimes can not open, sometimes is not covered, which has brought a big inconvenience to our daily life.2, bed now many friends are aiming at the small family house, think that although the area of this house is a little small but the price is much cheaper, will not bear so much mortgage pressure.Although the house is small, but we have a lot of things, what should we do?Buy the furniture that can increase receive a space, receive a bed for example.Nevertheless, the drawback of this kind of bed is very limited also, that is receive a space to do not suit to put a lot of things.Want to know, bed bottom does not suit to put old clothes old shoes, also do not suit to put tools such as hammer, besides, bed bottom is damp not ventilated, itself does not suit to receive keep thing.Look so, receive bed or very chicken rib.3, lateral side of the bed now a lot of people like the house double bed, at ordinary times like hidden in the walls, if not carefully to see thought home no bed, as long as when you need to pull it down and you can go to bed, don’t need to go when I put it on, can be used for both bedroom and living room, open the position of the bed can also serve as the sofa,Can also be used as a table, but this kind of bed is very easy to break, roll over a few times, the hardware and the ground of the bed is quite big damage, so THIS kind of bed I do not recommend everyone to buy home.Two, so we should buy what kind of bed in their own home?1, ordinary drawer type storage bed in fact, I think it is ok to buy an ordinary drawer type storage bed in his home, this kind of bed has a very obvious advantage, we can put the sundry in life inside.And the drawer is relatively strong sealing, the article stored inside will not appear wet phenomenon, this kind of article can say very good.2, wall bed a lot of small families will feel worried because of the lack of bedroom in the home, if there is a large population in their home, we can install a wall bed in the living room of their own home.Put the bed on the wall when you need to sleep and put the bed on the wall when you don’t need to rest.No one will find that such a design method is very technological.Sleeping in such a bed is also very comfortable, very happy.3, tatami tatami, this many people know it, belongs to a style of Japanese, but we want to know, this ancient China has ah.The main material is wood, and when it is made, a mattress is placed on top of it to make a bed.It is very convenient to use.This custom-made bed will be much cheaper than buying a full-size bed.(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view) tatami function is very powerful.Above all, below the bed can make it receive ark, if be small family, need such function more.You can put things in there that you don’t use very often, and you don’t lose the function of a bed.Said so much, I just want to tell you, to buy furniture to consider clearly, determine their needs, and then remember to buy according to their own needs, rather than listen to the guide sugar coated shell.Qijia small clever provide more decoration information, like my friends remember to collect and pay attention to oh!(Material from the network, can not verify the real source, if there is infringement, please contact Qijia xiaobian to delete directly.Thank you very much!)