Su Bingtian was silent!Xie Zhenye calm response!China’s Olympic bronze medal, but left to regret

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Beijing time on February 19, anti-doping department officer xuan big international sports arbitration court decision: British sprinter wu jia for violating the anti-doping rules, decided to cancel his in the men’s 4 x 100 meters short distance relays for achievement, and confiscate any he received a medal in this program, certificate, integral and prizes!And according to the rules, the British men’s sprint relay team in this event won the results and MEDALS, etc., because of Uja’s violation, will be revoked and confiscated!Meanwhile, the Chinese men’s sprint relay team, who finished fourth in the event, will get a bronze medal.Su Bingtian, Xie Zhenye, Wu Zhiqiang and Tang Xingqiang finished fourth in the men’s 4x100m relay in 37.79 seconds at the Tokyo Olympic Games, matching China’s previous best time in the event and missing out on a medal.That was just 0.09 seconds behind third-place Canada and 0.28 seconds behind silver medallists Great Britain!The decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) took six months after anti-doping authorities launched an investigation into the discovery of irregularities in a urine sample from Britain’s Uja shortly after the event.And this news, for participating in the Chinese men’s sprint team, is obviously a big happy news!Because they finally won an Olympic medal, the best performance in the history of the Chinese team in this event.In fact, the Chinese national team led by Su Bingtian was considered to have a good chance to win a medal at that time, but failed to do so in the end. After all, they only missed the medal by a small margin, and some of the players may become the swan song in the Olympic Games because of their age.But now they have finally fulfilled their dreams and made a new piece of history by becoming Olympic medalists.After the news was announced, netizens rushed to Su’s social media to tell him the good news, but Su did not respond to it for the time being. Tang xingqiang and Wu Zhiqiang also remained silent for the time being, while Xie responded calmly.In his latest post, su congratulated the Olympic gold medalist, writing: ‘Big Su wishes xiao Su to win the Gold medal in the Winter Olympics. Let’s move forward and shine together!’Netizens have left messages: “You have an Olympic medal, not just a certificate”;”Su God, Tokyo Olympic Medal for you up”;”Su Shen, congratulations (with a crying face)”;Su Shen, an Olympic medal in track and field is beckoning to you, an epoch-making meaning (crying face).And Xie Zhenye is in the morning more than twelve o ‘clock simply to respond to this: “just finished training, see the news, thank you for our attention and support, see a lot of people ai te ME, we have an early rest oh!”Xie appeared calm in his response, thanking netizens for their attention and support and reminding them to get some rest early.This hard-won medal means a lot to them, but there are also some disappointments.Because the mood of winning a medal is completely different from the mood of winning a medal directly in the Olympic Games.We can imagine their excitement and joy when they saw the news, but they can also understand their sadness at not winning the prize in the first place.In fact, it was the best affirmation for them to win a bronze medal, but obviously it was a pity that they could not stand on the podium at the first time to enjoy the flowers and applause because of the illegal cheating of their opponents.Many athletes dream of standing on the platform of the Olympic Games all their life, but there are always some people who want to use cheating to achieve this, and this kind of cheating behavior brings injustice, but also hurt other athletes.Let those who should stand on the podium, lost should belong to their flowers, applause, blessing and attention!But justice will be late and never absent!Finally, I wish su Bingtian, Xie Zhenye, Tang Xingqiang and Wu Zhiqiang the Olympic MEDALS that should belong to them!