Settle!Chengdu uses sichuan G plate

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On April 6th, it was learned from the Traffic Management Bureau of Chengdu Public Security Bureau that in order to meet the needs of the masses in production and life, the Traffic management Bureau of Chengdu Public Security Bureau reported to the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and the Traffic Management Bureau of Sichuan Province for approval according to the Provisions of the Ministry of Public Security on Motor Vehicle Registration.It is decided to use the code of sichuan G licensing authority for small cars on April 7, 2022 (the new energy cars still use Sichuan A license plate).When the sichuan G plate is put into use, Chengdu will become the 20th city with multiple plates in one city.It is understood that sichuan G plate and Sichuan A plate are both chengdu licensing authority code.Its number selection method, traffic management, business management and other related policies are consistent.Scope of application for registration in Chengdu, into the registration business of medium-sized passengers, trucks and special operation vehicles (except for new energy vehicles), can choose Sichuan A or Sichuan G small car plate.Note: New energy vehicles and large vehicles still only use Sichuan A license plate. Sichuan G license plate has no difference with Sichuan A license plate. They are issued by the Traffic Management department of Chengdu Public Security Bureau and enjoy the same traffic policy.For example, sichuan A, Sichuan G license vehicles, chengdu ring highway and Cheng Wen Qiong highway, enjoy the government pay highway tolls related policies.Issuance rules After the chuan G plate is put into use, in accordance with the Provisions on Motor Vehicle Registration of the Ministry of Public Security and the regulations on plate management, Chuan A and Chuan G plates will adopt the unified national motor vehicle plate selection system and select the plates according to the same rules.Number selection Method When handling motor vehicle registration business, car owners can choose “30 to 1” through the self-service number selection device at the vehicle management business window, or choose the number plate through “Internet number selection” on the website of the Internet Traffic Safety Integrated Service Management Platform ( and the “Traffic Management 12123” APP.According to incomplete statistics, in order to adapt to the economic and social development, the country has 19 cities to use a number of plates.One city, many: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Foshan;Double number: a city of Harbin, jinan, xi ‘an, zhengzhou, changsha, nanchang, fuzhou, wuhan, suzhou, Qingdao, weifang, yantai, guilin, ili kazak autonomous prefecture of xinjiang origin 丨 sichuan publishing client reporter | li-jun Chou