When is the best time to give up diapers?Too early hurts, too late affects growth

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Original article | gentle mothering diary, welcome forward and share personal diapers is no stranger to each of the families with children, it is every child born later will use items.Newborn children have no consciousness of spontaneous excretion and must rely on the outside world to solve their own excretion problems, while diapers can not only meet their excretion needs, but also help parents to solve their children’s health problems.But as children grow older, diapers are no longer needed and mothers need to consider giving up diapers for their children.But the question of when is the best time to give up diapers has been plaguing all of you.Some mothers believe that it is best to give up diapers before the child is one and a half years old, otherwise it is easy to cause O-legs after wearing them for a long time.There are treasure mother think: can’t force the child to take off the diaper, otherwise it will affect the child’s physical and mental development.In fact, it is not easy to quit diapers, impatient can not hot tofu!It’s never good to quit early or late.First of all, a child’s bladder doesn’t mature until he or she is about 2 years old, and he or she is able to pick up the signal that he or she wants to go to the bathroom.If they are not physically mature, then no amount of training is in vain.Some parents will give the child to pee, “pee, pee,” and then they think the child has learned to control the urine and feces.In fact, it is not just the conditioned reflex of the child “hiss hiss”. Parents often make urine, not only affecting the development of the child’s hip joint, but also reflecting urination, affecting the development of the bladder, and it is likely to urinate frequently after growing up.Secondly, the child sphincter is not mature, do not have the ability to control stool, forced to let the child independent stool will cause prolapse.Finally, giving up diapers too early will hurt children’s self-esteem, children do not have the ability to control urine and feces, giving up diapers too early will inevitably lead to the behavior of urinating and pulling pants. If parents get angry and criticize, it will increase the psychological burden of children, and even develop the habit of holding urine, hurting kidney function.02 too late to give up diapers, will affect the development of children to wear diapers for a long time, will make children’s dependence on diapers will be strengthened, and as children grow up, the necessity of diapers will be gradually reduced, shortcomings will be more obvious.If children grow up and still cannot get rid of this dependence on diapers, it is bound to affect their normal life.When children reach kindergarten age, they need extra attention from teachers if they don’t have the ability to defecate on their own.Once the teacher does not take care of the children, even if they can go to the toilet independently, they will wait for the teacher to help. Over time, they will lose the consciousness of independent defecation, which is very adverse to growth.When is the best time to give up diapers?Age isn’t the only criterion The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that babies be potty trained within 18 to 24 months, but that’s not for all babies.Because the growth and development of the baby is fast and slow, so the age can only play a reference role, the time to quit diapers also depends on the development of the baby.If there must be a precise time, it is when the child is ready.The so-called “ready” is that the child’s body can send out the following signals, we can train the child to quit diapers: 1.Can understand the instructions given by parents;2. Can express their own subjective will, such as: don’t, don’t;3. Regular defecation;4. Diapers can be kept dry for more than 2 hours;5. Wet diapers can be irritable;6. Sit quietly by yourself;7. You can undress and lift your pants by yourself.As long as the above signals appear 4, parents and children can try together.04 children quit diapers seven steps: first, half a year in advance to take children to know the toilet, and with picture books to instill correct toilet knowledge;Second, grasp the timing of the child to urinate. When starting to quit diapers, we should record the time, amount, time and frequency of the child to drink water, so as to conveniently sum up the time point for the baby to urinate, take the baby to urinate at this time, improve the success rate of the child to urinate in the toilet, and increase his confidence.Three, change into learning pants, children quit diapers is a gradual process, not overnight.Therefore, we can change them into study pants at first, and then gradually increase them from wearing study pants in the morning to wearing study pants in the afternoon and evening, and finally challenge them to wear study pants when sleeping and going out, so as to help children feel the difference between diapers and study pants and get used to using them.Four, take the initiative to take the child to pee, when the child pee time point arrived, we will take the initiative to take him to the bathroom, do not ask whether to pee, directly said: we should go pee.Even if there is no urine also want to sit, first let the child does not reject the toilet.Five, children used to guide active expression, when the child used to pee on the toilet, we can guide them to take the initiative to express.This process is bound to accidentally pee on his pants, but we must not lose our temper, to tell him patiently, next time to take the initiative to speak out.Six, the training process to keep relaxed and comfortable, if the pants were scolded, will hit the child’s confidence.So, when we find the child urinating in his pants, we don’t erase it immediately, nor do we criticize, but tell him: urinating in the wet pants, aren’t you very uncomfortable?So when you have to pee, say so, so it won’t be uncomfortable to pee in the toilet.Seven, encouragement, but encouragement is not a reward, we can properly encourage the growth of children’s self-confidence, let him more willing to do it, more sense of achievement, such as praise him: you grew up!Science treats every little thing in children’s growth, parents and children will be very relaxed.