What psychological qualities does it take to be a pilot?

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In recent days, my article about the salary of pilots has aroused a lot of discussion among my friends: “Driving a long time can be very tiring, besides, flying a plane.Especially surrounded by mountains, canyons, fickle wind, thunder and rain, the ever-changing airflow, always fighting!Every trip will let relatives worry about!Peace!Safe landing!””Pilot salary is really a little low, they are a lot of 985, 211 key universities after graduation by the recruitment, this industry demands very high, good health, good English, good psychological quality and so on, but also need to continue to learn and all kinds of training inspection pressure, income and pay a little out of proportion, they are the best.””Pilots are under a lot of pressure. They are highly paid and have a strong sense of responsibility. They can’t take any chances.High pay, high risk, not easy.”Their salary is higher than the average level of the society, and they naturally bear a lot of pressure and risk, which requires them to have strong psychological quality. Today, xiaobian will talk to you about what psychological quality pilots need to have.Act decisively in unexpected situations. This is the lowest and most important point. A pilot must act decisively, with keen, quick and accurate perception.Even theory are studied in the ground air medical and aviation psychology, even learned to fly at various stages in reason, all kinds of accident scene, characterization, and the practical case of an accident or produce subjective fault and delay caused by these troubleshooting the longest delay can be more than seven seconds, and the accident often only need less than a second.Therefore, before the critical stage of each flight, the crew should make brief orders, that is, communicate with the crew members about the hidden danger of high incidence of accidents in the flight stage, and explain what measures should be taken to solve the problems in the first time if any accident happens, so as to improve the awareness and preparation and avoid the delay of troubleshooting.Have the “empty cup mentality”, remain modest for their own too familiar with things to be confident, decisive disposal, but not arrogant, to listen to the opposition, in case they misjudge the situation to make the wrong decision, leading to dangerous results.To give full play to their flying skills and experience, pilots must rely on their past knowledge and experience and act decisively.However, since we all have subjective defects and the possibility of misjudging the situation, we should keep the channel of “listening to opposing opinions” open while maintaining confidence in the flight, and review the situation in time to re-judge, so as to achieve a balance between “confidence” and “introspection”.Keep optimistic, actively adjust the state of mind flying is a very test of the state of mind work, it is half physical work, the other half is mental work, physical fatigue and mental pressure, do not adjust the state of mind, the body is easy to go wrong.If you want to stay healthy, you must adjust your attitude.When you fly with positive emotions, you can perform at your normal level of skill, even at an extraordinary level.Excessive emotional stress or being in a state of low awareness will reduce the efficiency of various abilities.Therefore, pilots must always be aware of when their mood bipolar state, rational self-control and self-regulation, so that they always maintain a positive and stable emotional state.Flight is one of the most complicated labor types with high risk, high load in today’s society. The psychological quality of pilots plays a decisive role in flight safety, and good psychological quality is the foundation of good flight work.