The tiger roars and the wind feeds on itself

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Cow-tilling green mulberry fields golden thousands of cang ying, tiger roar castle peak earth majestic wood emerged.This year is the Year of Ren Yin in the Chinese lunar calendar, commonly known as the year of the Tiger.As the New Year bell rang at that moment, the golden tiger spring, huhu shengwei.Double Qing Shan jing electric, shrug jiri vertical tail such as rod gun.Growl the ground is about to crack, and the beasts are on their way.The tiger is the king of all animals. It is powerful and brave, and it is a symbol of virility.You see: the eyes flash like lightning, the tail from the rear of the rear like a gun.With a loud roar, the animals in the mountains were scared to hide.Han Dynasty Ying Shao “custom tongyi · Si Dian · draw tiger” said, “draw tiger in the door, ghost dare not enter”;”Tiger, penis, the long beast, can fight file sharp, eating ghosts.”In ancient people’s minds, the tiger was a virile spirit, could ward off evil spirits, eat ghosts and suppress evil spirits, bless peace, and was the god of human protection.Color zhang Yao asahi, fighting male wu Chen.High clouds float by air, thick with sound vibration.Tiger is homophonic with the Chinese characters for “fu” and “fu”, implying good fortune and approaching the door.So since ancient times, people worship the majestic tiger as a totem.Since the Han Dynasty, there has been the custom of hanging a tiger painting at home on New Year’s Eve, or “painting a tiger on the door”.The tiger dives deep into the mountain and roars by itself.When the Chinese nation had culture, it had “tiger culture”.Throughout the Chinese tiger culture, its essence is an indomitable and courageous spirit.Wang Fen jue, like shock and anger.Into the Jue Huchen, Kan Ruxiao Tiger.– In the Book of Songs: Changwu, the Book of Songs of the Pre-Qin Dynasty, the tiger was used to praise king Zhou Xuan’s army and its roar shook the earth, thus winning a great victory in subduing the rebellion of Xu.Tiger roaring valley and the wind, dragon hidden stream and spit clouds.If a child is strong, it is called “tiger head and tiger brain”.A man has a broad back and a wide waist, which is called “tiger back bear waist”.More resourcefulness is called “hullelongtao” and so on.Tiger will be like thunder, general rong east patrol.Since ancient times, tigers have been used to symbolize the bravery and strength of soldiers, such as tiger generals and tiger ministers.Liu Camp spring test horse, tiger tent night talk soldiers.– Tang Li Keyong to Zhou Dewei’s words in ancient military accounts called “tiger accounts.”Hufu town, east of Zhejiang province, Yizhou Doumen make es male.– Song · Zeng Xiaozong “Send the More shuai Cheng Gong Bi” tiger head since take hou seal, good for Ming Li Juan gong.In ancient times, the emperor used tifu to dispatch his troops.In myths and legends, the tiger is the god of war and conquest.Such as the Tang Dynasty general Luo Cheng, Xue Rengui and his son and many other heroes are said to be the reincarnation of the white tiger star.Cold grass smoke hidden tiger, Gaosong yue zhao carving.Because of its power and fierceness, the tiger was chosen by some immortals as a mount.According to ancient books, the messenger and mount of the Queen Mother of the West was a tiger.The mount of Master Zhang, the founder of Taoism, was also a tiger.The black tiger is the horse of Zhao Gongming, the god of wealth, and the white tiger is the horse of Shen Gongbao.What is the tiger in the mountains, a howling wind all the animals cold.The literature language is also permeated with interesting tiger culture.Legend of the Ming Dynasty wit Tang Bohu, born in Yin, Yin, Yin, Yin, Yin, Yin, so on the star, full of talent.”Tiger snow plum five, crane frost field bamboo leaves three” (ancient language).Plum blossom shape just like the tiger walking in the snow left traces, plum blossom five petals, yu Meikai five blessing.Wang Anshi went to the capital to participate in the examination, with “flying tiger flag, flag flying tiger, flag volume tiger hiding”;To deal with the “lamp, lamp, lamp off the horse stop”;You got the girl.Ming Dynasty dai Big bin 5 years old is a father carrying an examination of the child bachelor.He used the “rabbit pen to write zhuangyuan Fang” to the upper shushian “tiger skin mattress cover bachelor chair”.The prodigy’s quick wit has spread through the ages.Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty summoned a third jinshi in the Imperial Palace, the third tanhua called Liu Fenggao, a blind, but brilliant.Qianlong see its appearance ordinary, intentionally in the face of full chao minister out of a top allied taunt him: “one-eyed not dragon tiger list”.Full of the Liu Fenggao immediately chant “half moon still shine on the universe” this one excellent couplet.Neat and clever atmosphere, can be called through the ages.All the dynasties are wonderful.These are the year of the Tiger people with a keen interest in topics.Tiger culture gives us a sense of the richness and charm of Chinese civilization.A howling wind living valley, sleeping vegetation startled.In the deep recesses of the king, the moose is silent.As early as 2 million years ago, the ancestor of the tiger, the “Ancestral Tiger of China”, lived on this land today.The unique cultural phenomenon of honoring, praising, loving and fearing the tiger has been perpetuated in the spiritual life of the Chinese nation.The qing Dynasty anecdotes compiled by Xu Ke of the Republic of China “Qingbi banknote · agricultural business class four” in the “Qian people strength tiger ploughing” story, can not help but make people laugh, interested friends may wish to find a read.People will be new guo, songzhu do not know autumn.Night tiger forest roar, stream spring shed flow.”Ouyang Temple Cheng Tong Cheng SlaughterBy Song Mei Yao Chen” Smoke is rising in the edge of the town, the stream is murmuring by the cottage, the tiger’s roar is audible in the quiet bamboo forest at night. What a beautiful picture of “harmony between man and tiger”!Of course, ancient land sparse, dense forest, often tiger.Village shepherd boy by tiger bite, flesh and blood all do double bun.Family cry to find bones, road smell of all cover.In September 1957, the villagers of Gaoping Village, Tongdao County, Hunan province, at the foot of xuefeng Mountain, experienced the most horrible three days and nights.A child in the village caught the king tiger’s cub on the mountain and brought it home. As a result, more than 100 tigers besieged the village for three days and three nights.Later, the frightened villagers released several tiger cubs, but the besieged tigers had no worries. After killing all the livestock in the village, they dragged away and carried off three people in their mouths.The “Hundred tiger Village” is a big conflict between humans and tigers.Heaven endowed with good and evil, ning alone tiger but people are not if.I smell tiger hunger is cannibalism, people today kill tiger answer why heart?Tiger predator who killed who, the revenge is uneven?Ancient and modern strong extremely weak, also such as the personnel has sad music.The poet warned people: the law of the jungle, extreme things will reverse;If the strong bully the weak, they will get revenge.Black wind ten thousand riding volume empty mountain, roaring rock forest out of brocade spot.Elated general flying iron arrowheads, suddenly surprised a bit of Yin grass tip.– Zhang Hongfan “Shooting the Tiger” General Tielartsfly, the tiger immediately killed the thrilling scene.Historically, tiger hunting was praised for its limited understanding.Such as the spread of a long time “Wu Song tiger”.Tiger evanescent dragon dead do not remember years, old nest double phoenix so still.The tiger, once the “king of beasts” in the mountain forest, has been ranked among the top ten endangered animals, facing extinction.With the development of economy and social progress, human beings should exert their wisdom of balance and harmony so as to leave no regrets.Cold rain and snow fall, withered forest tiger alone.Humans should follow the laws of nature, not in order to develop and destroy the ecological balance of nature, without the diversity of species, the final victim is human himself.Einstein warned that if bees died out, humans would only survive four years on earth!Although this is a little alarmist, although it will not disappear immediately, but it is definitely not a small disaster.On the morning of April 23 last year, a tiger came down from a mountain in Linhu Village, Baishuwan Town, Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province.Let many people see with their own eyes the power of the tiger, which also let us see the importance of harmony between humans and animals.More than a hundred years ago, Liang Qichao called for China enthusiastically: qianlonghuyuan, scales flying.Milk tiger roar valley, all animals panic.Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the world has heard of China’s “roaring valley”. It is the “Chinese tiger” that has realized the first “century-old dream” of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and brought hope to the global fight against COVID-19 and economic recovery.”Cattle call winter go, leaving red plum reflect green fields;Tiger roaring spring, call out the blue sky.In the year of tiger, I wish everyone a “vigorous dragon” and the Chinese nation a “vigorous tiger”!Happy year of the Tiger, auspicious New Year!Zhu Shaohua, junan County, senior middle school teacher.I like writing.Teaching papers, essays, poems, paper cuts and other works, scattered in many newspapers and network platforms.She has won many prizes in essay and online literature competitions.