It’s time for you to have a Plan B. The sober ones are already in the right mode

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It used to be true that focusing on one thing worked, but it’s questionable whether it works in all situations.There is a popular saying on the Internet: You have to work hard quietly and surprise everyone.Most people are just ordinary people, and it’s not easy to impress everyone, but it’s not something you can’t do at all, it’s whether there’s a Plan B going on.I don’t know if we have such a discovery, colleagues may be mediocre, but in a particular occasion, but shine brilliantly, for example, the unit organized the basketball game, shine brilliantly on the court;A dance or song that draws attention to the annual party;Or it may be that they have learned skills outside of their main occupation, building Bridges and becoming irreplaceable.As mentioned in The Cognitive Drive, Plan B is the guarantee of happiness in life.Plan B is when we have a purpose or pursuit outside of our main occupation that allows us to fill our leisure time, relieve boredom, or even create achievement.There are always some people who complain in the workplace. They complain because they are not satisfied with the status quo, they have no power to change it, and most importantly, they have no choice.When there are more choices, there is no time and energy to waste in useless complaining.Think about it. How do you feel, psychologically, about work after a busy day?No matter from the physical, mental often make subconscious resistance.There is no doubt that doing something related to Plan B will activate another area of the brain, such as learning calligraphy, writing, Musical Instruments after a long day at work…This alternate use of brain areas, active rest makes the utilization rate of the brain higher, compared to simply watching mobile phones, playing games passive rest, can make the brain fully relaxed.For example, some people say that “study is the best rest”, which seems to have been beaten by the blood, but in fact, they just use different areas of the brain to make themselves do more meaningful things in effective time and energy.2. From the perspective of attracting attention, the key to “breakthrough” lies in the single dimension, which is compared to the length;In two dimensions, the area of ratio;In three dimensions, it’s volume.Therefore, to add plan B or even PLAN C is to expand a new dimension for ourselves. With more dimensions, our competitiveness will naturally be stronger.For example, someone who is not only outstanding in performance and writing, but also has excellent technical skills, is called “versatile”, and this kind of person always gets more attention.Plan B, instead of undermining our main business, is more of a “breakthrough”, competitive advantage.Most people have a hard time “breaking through” to become an expert in a particular field, not because they don’t work hard enough, but because they invest more in it. It’s easier to break through if you build a bridge between your main field and Plan B.Just like a teacher in writing class, his unique style is formed by the effective combination of career and history. He may not be the best in the field of career, and he may not be the best in history, but after the combination of the two, his unique style has won more attention.Many of these cases, seemingly unrelated, create a “bridge” between the two, which is itself a “breakthrough” and difficult to imitate, but also irreplaceable.3. From the perspective of choice, it’s a way to “reduce stress.” Workers complain because they have no choice but to change.In the face of all kinds of “unfair” competition, all kinds of “squeeze”, can not change things, can only be accepted, although reluctantly, but no choice.For example, people in the workplace are controlled by the emotion of “wanting” and “afraid of losing”. They “want” more and “afraid of losing” and have to barely maintain the status quo, so complaints become the norm.This would be greatly mitigated if there were more options for dissatisfaction with the status quo.For example, salary income, and sideline income, even if the salary income is reduced, you can also put more energy into the sideline, the quality of life will not be reduced.In the process of changing from “fear of losing” to “fear of losing”, the stress is reduced, and the importance of Plan B will be revealed, and the fear of losing will not lead to anxiety.There are three points to pay attention to when starting a Plan B. 1. Avoid failure caused by “mistakes” When people increase their plan B, they tend to focus more on areas they are “good at” or do things related to their main occupation, but the extension of such choices is limited, and even the side occupation is more affected by the influence of their main occupation.What’s more, when it is related to the main occupation, it cannot play the role of “brain change”, which is not conducive to the effective relaxation and utilization of the brain.Just like building a dimension, the distance is too close, although you are building dimensions, because there is almost no span, the difficulty for “breakthrough” will continue to increase.The effect is likely to be that we try to establish multi-dimensional competitiveness, but end up wandering in a single dimension.It doesn’t add more choices.People’s time and energy are limited, if the plan B is started, the idea of quick success is difficult, just like the lyrics of the song “how can you see the rainbow without going through the storm, no one can casually succeed.”Many people have a quick-fix attitude even before Plan B starts. They don’t want to “delay gratification”. They think it’s a shortcut.Others try to come out on top of Plan B, which is possible, but harder than most.The key to Plan B is to build Bridges to the main business, not to stand alone, let alone compete with plan B insiders, because everyone is not competing in the same dimension.So, staying in the right mindset to “delay gratification” and gradually “build Bridges” will one day reap recognition both inside and outside the circle.It’s often said that “a man goes faster, a group goes farther,” but one premise is ignored, which is the resistance you’ll face as a beginner in the early days of Plan B.So, you have to sneak around alone.The same thing, when you do something good, people will say, “I didn’t know you were so versatile.”But when you’re new, people say, “Why do this?You’re not doing your job.”For example, when a friend quit his job and started his business for the first two years, his family had no idea that he was facing all the pressure alone. When his business gradually got on the right track, though his family finally knew, they all said that he could hold his own and achieve great things.Of course, the friend’s behavior is not a plan B, but rather a roll of the dice, which is a way to reduce resistance.In a society where results are always used to judge right and wrong, it is best to start plan B by stealth alone to reduce unnecessary resistance. Resistance will gradually become motivation when small achievements are made and it will be easier to “build Bridges”.Write in the last sober workplace people, always can live in peace and fear for danger, constantly increase their own dimension, so that they become more three-dimensional, slow people often have been trying to, but has been wandering in situ.The root of this lies in “maintenance” or “breakthrough”, which expands the range of choices, opens plan B earlier, and gives oneself more choices and makes personal improvement more irreplaceable.For more of our best stories, check out Uncle nine