If the Warriors didn’t have Durant and the Cavs didn’t have James, could the Warriors win two titles in a row?

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Durant parachuting into the Warriors must be the shadow of James’ life, two consecutive 3-pointers in the same place, two consecutive years broken James’ promise to the Cavs, if durant had not joined the Warriors, James might have brought the Cavs three championships.So is Durant more important to the Warriors or Is James more important to the Cavs?Would the Warriors have won two titles in a row without Durant and the Cavaliers without James?If Curry and the Warriors made each other, for James, one made the team.As union boss James, then, have formed their own strong effect, James is the playoffs, and even the NBA finals, sui generis James, can let a team skip the running-in rapidly forming, therefore, when James with love to join knight, knight from three-point banker’s biggest become league championship contender.In addition to the Splash Brothers, you can also think of small ball play, elevator door play and the league-wide five of death.The warriors’ players, it turns out, live within Kerr’s system.When it comes to the Cavs, all you can think of is James, just James, and even the system, with James as the core of the system, is a star system, so to speak, James is not the Cavs’ James, but the Cavs are the Cavs’ James.Although said, knight in the array has blessed by Owen and two all-star players, but the two players in James’s system, can only play the role of a ring, love can through his three projections, for James away inside the space, and international OuWenZe is played a role, have the effect of tear at the score to overcome opponents defence, though both have certain leadership,But in Cleveland, they were just supporting James.James as a result, James during the tryon Lou coaching, almost need games perfect attendance, play time, most of the ball is in the grasp of James’s hands, and then by his attacks, distribution of the ball, at the same time, James also need to have the effect of international offensive and defensive nuclear, arguably, one almost everything on both ends of the important work.For knight, it can be without Owen, no love, but not without James, in that season, Owen left James can also bring the love into the finals, but, at the instant of the James came to leave, the reconstruction of the knights also officially kicked off, James and composition of the team in a all around, James left, is that it is the beginning of a cliff,It was the beginning of its reconstruction.The biggest difference between the Warriors recruiting Durant and the Cavaliers recruiting James is that the Cavaliers recruited James as a building block, while the Warriors recruited Durant as icing on the cake.Although said, duran characteristic with high strength, can even compete with James, however, durant is not the cornerstone of the warriors, from beginning to end, durant in warrior only under the premise of the system, enhance the role of a location, Barnes, or Kevin durant, or wiggins, are simply have the effect of system in a ring,The only difference is how high the ring goes.Before Durant arrived, the Warriors built a system with the splash as the offensive sword, Green as the system and the defense as the core, and used that system to win a championship and a 73-win regular season the following year.It also proves that the Warriors are strongest because of their heritage, the cornerstone of the Warriors has always been the trident of Splash and Green.So durant is great, but the Warriors are fine without him.After all, his legacy is still there, which is why Green has the guts to yell at Durant, and Durant can’t even talk back.Would anyone call Lebron James a name if it were the Cavs?Even though Irving had a lot of grievances with James, it was only in exchange for his own departure, and even then, Irving still carries the emotional pot.Durant on warriors didn’t experience emotions, the main reason lies in that he is not a warrior system core, in the eyes of the warriors, he is a tool, although the warriors have very deliberately create an atmosphere of harmony of the team, but this free outside the system of alienation, is irreparable, the warriors, both coaches, players and fans, its focus,It’s always curry, and Durant is just a nuke who can trade himself for an MVP on free throws but still can’t get the Warriors to center around him.Is durant starting to suck because durant left the Warriors?Of course, there are certain reasons, but it’s not the key. The key to the warriors’ collapse was Thompson’s injury, which led to the silenceof the flow, curry’s inability to play as well as he could without Thompson to keep the defense at arm’s length, and curry’s broken palm in the late stage, which was the direct cause of the collapse.If both remain healthy, the Warriors will still be a strong contender for a championship next season, even if Durant leaves.It would have been easier for the Warriors to eliminate Durant and James in the Finals. As mentioned above, Durant is just one part of the system. Without Durant, the Warriors can still replace him with someone else, like Iguodala.It’s just that the Warriors are betting more on the splash, but even so, the Warriors have won championships with this lineup. Take durant out, and it’s just one piece of the golden State tree.The Cavs, on the other hand, would not only cut the trunk, but the whole tree, I’m afraid, would be uprooted.In the Finals, without Durant, the Warriors’ offense and defense system will remain intact, although intensity will certainly affect, but it will not fall apart, but once James is out, it will be the cavs’ building will collapse in an instant.Lebron James dunks are a one-star system centered around Lebron James, whose offensive threat attracts double teams and creates perimeter shooting opportunities. Who will be the star once James is gone?Yes, Irving is an offensive threat, but only an offensive threat. Irving’s personal style makes it hard to get the ball in position when he draws double teams, and when the Cavs fall into the lone trap, the Warriors nibble away at him.OuWenGan drawn conclusion is not to say, durant is not strong, but, unlike the thunder and now the nets, durant warriors period is just a part of the mighty system, and it was not at the core of the part, therefore, the warriors could not Kevin durant, but James as all of the knight, is a can not lack of, so, if such as the NBA finals,Trade Durant and James for one, and leave the game at the same time, and you’re basically handing the championship to the Warriors, who will only win it more easily than they did in the two-championship era.Warriors championship