Why is shaquille o ‘Neal more talented than his brother?5 photos to tell you the answer

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To compare his talent to Shaq’s is a disgrace, because in most people’s eyes, his talent is the ceiling.Even if Jordan and O ‘Neal than talent, it is not necessarily an advantage, Jordan has SOME O ‘Neal, and O ‘Neal has, Jordan does not necessarily have.So just how exaggerated shaq’s talent really is, in 5 photos today you can get a sense of it.There are many stars with big hands in NBA, shaquille O ‘Neal is one of them.A pair of big hands is something many people dream of, and it helps in the game.O ‘Neal’s hands were bigger than Leonard’s, and when he ate the drumsticks, it felt like he was picking his teeth.The basketball is really small in the hand, such a big hand is rare.90cm jump is not high in the NBA, but you have to compare size to shape.Shaquille o ‘neal is 300 pounds tall and 6 ‘2 “. Most of his jumps are about 60cm, and many of them are matchbox jumps.O ‘Neal limit in 90cm above, this time an empty dunk, basically flat frame.If he only weighs 200 kilograms, he can easily jump over 1 meter.Duncan’s arm span is awesome, but not as good as SHAq’s.In the face of O ‘Neal defense, Duncan chose to hook the board, originally this is a unique skill, the result was o ‘Neal ruthless big cap.Originally, Duncan had opened enough offensive space, but O ‘Neal’s arm is too long, or by the fingertips to achieve the block.Theoretically, a center shaquille O ‘Neal’s size should have bulky calves, as Yao does, but he’s an exception.Shaquille o ‘Neal calves are not only not thick, but also appear slim, you just look at the legs, you would even think it is T-Mac.It is with such a calf, O ‘Neal athletic ability is so strong.Said he would get dragged down by the fast pace in the small-ball era, obviously never saw shaq play.Finally, the overlooked talent is shoulder width, which is especially important in the post.Inside shoulder wide enough, so that the attack, defense, basket jam, will be more advantageous.Shaquille O ‘Neal’s shoulder width is one of the top 3 levels in history. He stands inside and that’s a wall.Look at a tough guy like Johnson, and shaquille o ‘Neal takes a crap out of him. That’s the talent gap.