Shunde has taken many measures to create a first-class business environment

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“High quality, low cost”, in Shunde district first-class business environment “living water” gestation, more and more market players full of vitality.In the 2021 White Paper on High-quality Economic Development of Urban Areas in China and 2021 Saidi Top 100 Districts, Shunde District of Foshan city in Guangdong Province ranks sixth, ranking first among prefecture-level municipal districts in China except for sub-provincial municipal districts.Meanwhile, in the List of the World’s Top 500 released by Fortune, country Garden and Midea, located in Beijiao Town of Shunde, have been climbing up the rankings, ranking 139th and 288th respectively.”High quality, low cost”, in Shunde district first-class business environment “living water” gestation, more and more market players full of vitality.Shunde District attaches great importance to the construction of world-class business environment as the “No.1 reform project”. By creating first-class business environment and first-class stage atmosphere, more entrepreneurs can give full play to their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative spirit.Optimize the business environment, always on the road.Over the years, Shunde District has been committed to innovating and optimizing the business environment, escorting local economic construction and high-quality social development.At the same time, after years of construction, the social credit system in Shunde district has extensively covered many fields such as administrative examination and approval, policy fund support, and achieved remarkable results.In terms of administrative examination and approval, the government has lowered the threshold of examination and approval, greatly accelerated the speed of examination and approval, and provided convenience for the people and enterprises. “The more trustworthy, the more convenient” has become a common feeling.From January to September in 2021, the GDP of Shunde reached 287.71 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 10.8%.By the end of November 2021, a total of 69,300 mu of land had been demolished and reorganized, and 8,888.9 mu of land had been reclaimed to support high-quality economic and social development.Industrial upgrading continued to pick up speed, urban and rural functions and quality continued to improve, and the building of a first-class business environment deepened.We will promptly and strictly implement epidemic prevention and control, and efficiently conduct nucleic acid tests on 3.39 million people.At present, Foshan city takes creating first-class business environment as the city’s “no. 1 reform project”. According to the unified deployment of the Municipal Party Committee, Shunde has further released vitality, stimulated internal forces, and done a lot of work to create a “smooth and pleasant” business environment, which has achieved very good results.In 2021, Shunde District piloted the implementation of a new mode of government services “at the gate” in bank service outlets, launching 226 “at the gate” branches to create a government service circle with a radius of less than 2 kilometers.We implemented the “fingertip office” of high-frequency matters, collected and integrated government services scattered on various mobile platforms, actively promoted the transfer of “offline running” to “palm office”, and launched 605 online services, with an average monthly click volume of over 20,000 times.Shunde district has also carried out a new round of adjustment in the division of district and town (street) powers, with 2,882 new town (street) powers delegated to lower-level governments.In order to create a first-class business environment, Shunde district also continues to improve the service efficiency of enterprises.By the end of November, the total number of work order requests handled by the platform reached 8,646.Further promote the “1210” reform on facilitation of business establishment, and implement the “joint operation of business licenses and licenses, one license for common use”, realizing the completion of business establishment registration, official seal engraving, invoice application and other matters within 0.5 working days.We have promoted the project approval service in an all-round way, connected 195 projects, and provided door-to-door services to 328 people, involving a total investment of 173.3 billion yuan.Shunde “district through train” platform to “a platform through train” “two big a batch of path” “the three accepts the scope of” “four core mission” as the main construction contents, implement “v. do namely, direct approval, not v. do first” mode, real-time marking, instant gddoftec, department timely response, linkage processing, effectively solve the trouble, think about enterprises and citizens.In 2021, the platform accepted 49,173 issues from citizens and enterprises, including 33,936 inquiries and 15,237 appeals, 49,115 of which have been handled, with a completion rate of 99.88% and satisfaction rate of 99.97%.In the second half of 2021, Shunde district made great efforts to promote the “No. 1 Reform Project” to optimize the business environment.We will innovate the information disclosure mechanism, establish a large database on regional business environment policies, and promote the collection, sharing and mutual use of government data.We will further relax market access in multiple sectors, remove market barriers, and move faster to remove all regulations and practices that impede the formation of a unified market and fair competition.We will establish a new credit-based supervision mechanism, and form a comprehensive supervision system featuring administrative supervision, industry self-discipline, social supervision and public participation.We will create conditions for market-based bankruptcy procedures in accordance with the law, improve the mechanism for initiating bankruptcy procedures and the mechanism for identifying enterprises undergoing bankruptcy reorganization, and effectively promote simultaneous treatment and withdrawal of market entities.Establish a government procurement and bidding information disclosure mechanism, reduce the processing time and materials, optimize the standardized compilation of bidding requirements.While the business environment is constantly optimized, Shunde district also further innovates the investment promotion system and mechanism, adheres to the principle of “no.1” to take the lead in investment promotion, and the district leaders personally plan and promote the landing of key projects.In terms of administrative examination and approval, Shunde has lowered the threshold of examination and approval, greatly accelerated the speed of examination and approval, and provided convenience for the masses and enterprises to handle affairs.In 2021, the high-quality development space freed up after the “village reform” also attracted more projects. By November, the district had introduced 15 major industrial investment projects worth more than 1 billion yuan, with a total investment of 49.5 billion yuan.Shunde district has always been a pioneer of reform, and a series of comprehensive reform experiments over the years have greatly released productivity.Shunde District Party Committee and district government with self-pressure, self-force, from the liangshan fearless spirit, and began to deploy a blade inward to attack the village industrial park transformation “number one project”.In this “village reform”, 382 village-level industrial parks were upgraded and a number of modern theme industrial parks (cities) of “wisdom, ecology, safety, culture and beauty” were built. From scattered village factories to coordinated industrial ecology, 10 towns and streets in the whole district have found the driving force of industrial upgrading through land replacement.High-tech enterprises such as electronic information, biomedicine, new materials, chips and integrated circuits will be introduced to complement and strengthen the existing industrial chain.The “village reform” has given shunde enterprises more space for high-quality development. However, at the same time, approval procedures for industrial park construction and taxation have also become “hidden barriers” affecting the development of enterprises.The person in charge of Shunde Kaishuo Precision Mould Automation Co., Ltd. said that the company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and has 315 employees. He hoped to speed up the approval process and formalities. “There has been no latest progress in the past few months, and the park construction involves the relocation of 50 or 60 enterprises.Guangdong Ke Kai Intelligent robot Co., LTD., said, “the development of the company benefits from the ‘three old’ transformation to help and improve, hope that the future land approval procedures to speed up, especially for the village reform to increase capital and expand production and the construction of modern industrial park enterprises, will greatly improve the enthusiasm of enterprises.”Group development can improve the competitiveness of enterprises.Fu Jinguang, chairman of Guangdong Jiuding E-commerce Group Co., LTD., mentioned that there is a lot of cooperation between e-commerce enterprises and industrial design enterprises. With the support of industrial design, e-commerce enterprises have innovation in products, increased sales and increased profits.In order to upgrade manufacturing and sales in Shunde in the future, it is necessary for multiple industries to cooperate closely. It is hoped that policies will be introduced to guide and support different industries in shunde to keep in close contact and develop cooperatively.The business environment is always better, not better.At present, countries all over the country are struggling to optimize the business environment.An important aspect of improving the business environment is to ensure that policies that benefit enterprises and the people are implemented quickly so that enterprises and the people can enjoy the benefits of these policies in a timely and convenient manner.Guangdong shun bo creative industries incubator co., LTD., chairman of Wu Zhaoheng also said, shunde introduced a number of personnel policy and industrial policy, the park has a lot of electricity companies want to get the policy support, but most of the time is not in conformity with the conditions, hope to listen more enterprises before policy advice, make policy really help to the enterprises in need, give the enterprise strength and confidence.Enterprise representatives also made suggestions on attracting and retaining talents, supporting public service policies, personal income tax preferences, and supporting local high-quality enterprises to grow bigger and stronger.In order to optimize the business environment, Shunde district implements the working mechanism of “strategic project, project target and target node”.First, policy guidance accelerated the implementation of rural reform projects.In view of the fact that there are many application procedures involved in the upgrading and transformation of village industrial parks, the reform plan of “1121” launched by Shunde focuses on creating a business environment of “minimum approval, shortest process and best service”. Based on the previous requirement of 36 to 50 working days for project application and approval,Implement general industrial projects from to handle the project to obtain construction permits the administrative examination and approval of shortest time compression to 11 working days, at the same time by streamlining the four examination and approval matters, for examination and approval of parallel mechanism, strengthening the “one window acceptance” and “let the lack of acceptance, examination and approval information real-time sharing each other, and so on, fastest constructed class construction project completed within 21 working days for examination and approval.The second is zero cost, the full set of process half a day.In order to further promote the facilitation of business start-up, the District government also issued the “Shunde District Business start-up facilitation” “1210” reform action Plan, which entered the era of realizing the whole process of business start-up “once done, zero yuan cost”.The “12” in the “1210” reform refers to 12 new measures for business start-up.”1″ refers to the online implementation of “one-stop operation, whole-process network operation, second report second operation”, offline implementation of “one-window acceptance, integrated services, on-site operation”, to achieve the establishment of enterprises “do well once” and “immediately start business”.”0″ refers to the “zero cost” of starting enterprises, which mainly includes free mailing of approval results, free gift of enterprise seals and free distribution of tax control equipment.Third, administrative services are more self-service, business matters fingertip do.Starting from 2021, more than 500 “super teller machines” will be installed in all bank branches, and high-frequency government services will be relegated to “door-to-door offices”.Develop the wechat public account platform for handling affairs by finger tip with “Shunde Government Affairs Bestong” as the carrier.To complete the examination and approval procedures of various businesses by means of online examination and approval of electronic materials and offline mailing of paper materials, so as to realize “let data run more and let the masses run less”.At present, “Fingertip office” has covered 589 businesses of public security, industry and commerce, notarization, civil society, tobacco, health and other departments.In accordance with the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission “agreed to develop high-quality development of Foshan Shunde District credit demonstration zone to create the opinion”, the district party committee and the district government to coordinate various departments according to their respective responsibilities, help enterprises polish the “credit Shunde” this “golden sign”.In 2020, the total import and export value of Shunde will reach 202.6 billion YUAN, a historical leap of “exceeding 200 billion yuan”.It is estimated that the total value of foreign trade in 2021 will be 246.16 billion yuan, an increase of 21.5 percent.The import and export value of AEO enterprises in Shunde district accounts for 57.32% of the total import and export value of Shunde District, becoming the backbone of import and export and the “main force” of stable foreign trade.Shunde District has strengthened credit construction in many fields, further optimized the administrative examination and approval process on the basis of credit, and promoted the speed of examination and approval.Shunde district carries out the system of accepting shortage and establishes the trust examination and approval mode.For those applicants who have basic conditions and key materials, but lack non-key materials and meet legal conditions, they can be examined and approved after signing a letter of commitment and submitting necessary materials, and the applicant only needs to complete the materials within the specified time.In terms of trust examination and approval, for the examination and approval items that can correct the behaviors that do not meet the examination and approval conditions through in-process and post-process supervision without causing serious consequences, the examination and approval decision can be made directly according to the written commitment of the applicant and the examination and approval conditions.Enterprises will be restricted from receiving all kinds of convenient services such as tolerance and acceptance once they break faith.”The implementation of the acceptance system, the establishment of trust examination and approval mode, means that the enterprise staff in the submission of data audit at the same time, but also timely submit other relevant information, reduce the number of staff running back and forth.”The person in charge of the district examination and reform office said, from the government’s passive approval into the enterprise initiative commitment, through the enterprise credit to further speed up the approval speed, reduce the enterprise project approval time tight data pressure, shorten the service time.A series of credit measures were adopted to speed up the handling of examination and approval items, simplify part of the examination and approval process and improve the efficiency of examination and approval.Currently, shunde are continually push told promises to simplify examination and approval, in the medical and health care, transportation, construction, legal aid, and other fields, to build a credit on the basis of the new supervision mechanism, speed up from “examination and approval in advance” to “things afterwards supervision”, and to facilitate the enterprise development innovation, the masses entrepreneurship.In the field of environmental supervision, it has been clarified that industrial clusters and industrial parks that have completed regional planning eia can enjoy the approval of the eia report form by commitment system and the simplification of the report form into a report form.In the first half of 2021, a total of 65 eia documents of relevant reform parks were examined and approved through the commitment system, and the approval form of 14 EIA projects was simplified from eia report to EIA report form.In the field of medical and health care, the public health permit notification and commitment system has been fully implemented, and the speed of issuing licenses has been significantly accelerated, from 30 working days to on-the-spot certification, and more than 50 approvals have been accepted under the commitment system.In the field of engineering construction, the government has implemented the commitment of lifelong responsibility for project quality, implemented the credit commitment system in the application of housing security, soil and water conservation scheme approval and other aspects, and 14 industrial projects have enjoyed the bonus of “informing commitment” for construction permits and started construction quickly.Shunde application in the examination and approval service, play to the public credit information in the certification and enterprises business license matters for informed commitment system, will promise and performance execution information into credit records, as important basis of things afterwards supervision, actively explore the “informed promises to simplify examination and approval” a new mode of management and service.Water depth is the fish yue, strong city is jia Xing.A pool of “running water” of high-quality business environment has bred numerous Shunde enterprises.Businesses are in the best position to say whether the business environment is sound.”Midea can grow up to today thanks to the business environment of Shunde Youwo, and the development strategies of Shunde at each stage have provided great development opportunities for Midea.”Liu Degang, director of the Office of Midea Group Co.,Ltd., also said that Midea’s revenue in the third quarter of 2021 was 87.5 billion yuan, up 12.66% year-on-year, and it is expected to achieve double-digit growth throughout 2021.In recent years, Midea has accelerated the development of headquarters economy, has invested more than 10 billion yuan in Shunde, the construction of headquarters phase II, phase III, Midea electromechanical Xingtan project, Kuka science and technology Park and microwave oven production factory and other projects.Liu degang said that next midea group has new projects, shunde will also be prioritized.In order to create a better business environment, Shunde has promoted the online handling of 1,633 government services through guangdong Government Service Network, with an online handling rate of 96.9%, said a person in charge of the Government Service Data Administration Bureau of Shunde District.Shunde also forms a service matrix of online commercial registration “not closed” through guangdong Government Service network enterprise opening zone and other service platforms, realizing that the establishment of enterprises in shunde can be reported and approved in seconds.Source: “Xiaokang” magazine on February 2022 reporter: Guo Xu