Qingming Festival in Fujian mainly cloudy to sunny weather

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Qingming festival is about to begin. How about the weather in Fujian?In recent days, Fujian province has been covered by rain. Yesterday, there was light to moderate rain in the central and northern parts of Fujian province, accompanied by lightning, partial heavy rain and partial rainstorm.Today, most of the province’s rain weakened, mainly overcast with cloudy weather, light rain in some areas, some moderate rain.By 17:00, huanggang Reservoir in Hongfang Town, Xinluo District had the largest cumulative precipitation of 53.7mm.However, this round of precipitation has entered the end stage, today (1) night in some areas of light rain, tomorrow the weather will be further better, most of the province to overcast to cloudy weather, only some scattered light rain.From Sunday, under the control of northerly airflow, most parts of the province will gradually clear up, and the long-lost sunshine will come along with the Qingming Holiday.Qingming Holiday (3 ~ 5 days), the province mainly cloudy to sunny weather.Temperature today in most parts of the province, the highest temperature of 12℃-18℃, zhao ‘an 23.1℃ for the highest.Compared with yesterday, the temperature has dropped considerably.Due to the influence of strong cold air, the next few days in most parts of the province night morning temperature is low, especially from the 2nd to the 4th, the western and northern urban areas of the night morning minimum temperature of 3℃ ~ 8℃, the rest of most urban areas of 9℃ ~ 13℃, can be said to be full of cold.From The 3rd, with the return of sunshine, the maximum temperature will rise slowly. In most areas of Fujian province, the maximum afternoon temperature will rise to 22℃-25℃, and the temperature difference between day and night will be over 10℃.The recent temperature fluctuations are large, the night and morning temperature is low, please timely add or remove clothes according to the temperature change, beware of cold oh.In the morning and night of 3rd to 4th, the temperature in the high altitude mountainous area in the northern part of Fujian province is low, so we should pay attention to the adverse effect of spring tea.Coastal gale and Forest Fire Risk Under the influence of cold air, the wind will be strong in the northeast coastal areas in the next few days, with the maximum gust up to level 9-10. Please pay attention to prevent the adverse impact of coastal gale on transportation, coastal tourism and offshore breeding industries.At the same time, due to better weather and lower humidity, the forest fire risk level in Fujian province will gradually increase in the future. Please pay attention to the fire safety in the wild.Weather forecast for the next three days from this evening to night, fujian province between cloudy, light rain in some areas.On The 2nd, the whole province will be overcast to cloudy, with scattered light rain in the central and southern parts.On The 3rd, the whole province will be sunny to cloudy.On The 4th, the weather will be mainly sunny to cloudy.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com