National “tobacco control” strengthened!The price of cigarettes has not been raised yet, but there are new changes affecting 300 million smokers

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According to relevant statistics, the number of smokers in China is more than 300 million, and China is also the world’s largest cigarette producer and consumer. Are there many people smoking around you?We all know that smoking is harmful to health, and the second-hand smoke produced by smoking has a greater impact on the people around us. Over the years, China has also been actively “controlling tobacco”, trying to reduce the number of smokers.Chinese authorities have also set a goal of reducing the number of smokers in the future.In the outline of the “Healthy China 2030” plan, China will gradually strengthen its “tobacco control” measures in the future, aiming to reduce the smoking rate of Chinese people aged 15 and above to 20 percent by 2030.However, from the current situation, it is difficult to achieve this goal.For example, the current smoking population in China is still high, and cigarette sales have increased in recent years. It is simply impossible to achieve the goal of tobacco control by 2030.For this reason, many experts in Our country have given “tobacco control” suggestions, among which the price rise of cigarettes has been mentioned many times.The reason given by some experts is very simple: when the price of cigarettes rises sharply, the “cost” of smoking will rise a lot, so smokers will voluntarily reduce the frequency of smoking or even quit.However, smokers are definitely not happy about this situation, pointing out that the price increase will only affect low-income groups, which is not a “tobacco control” effect, and there is a heated debate on whether the price increase should be raised.As a matter of fact, the price of cigarettes in China has risen a lot in recent years, and “low-price cigarettes” under 10 yuan are rarely seen in the market.As early as many years ago, China raised the tobacco tax and the price of tobacco products, which is also the reason why “low-price cigarettes” are gradually disappearing in the market.According to the data, in 2015, the AD valorem tax rate of China’s cigarette wholesale link increased from 5% to 11%, and the specific tax was levied at 0.005 yuan per cigarette. Over the years, China has adjusted the consumption tax on tobacco for several times, and the overall cigarette price has increased significantly.It is understood that the price of cigarettes rose in 2015, after which both the production and sales of cigarettes declined, but it did not take long for the steady growth again, so it is not feasible to simply raise the price of cigarettes to control smoking.It can only be said that the price of cigarettes needs to be controlled within a reasonable range, which plays an auxiliary role in “tobacco control” and more importantly, improves residents’ awareness of tobacco control. In recent years, new measures of “tobacco control” have been introduced throughout China. This time, smokers need to pay attention to it from the source.As mentioned above, China has set targets for smoking control, and various measures have been introduced in many regions of the country. For example, smoking is banned in public places and indoor areas of relevant places.Smokers are also aware of the ban on smoking in public places, but now China’s various regions have carried out strict control over this situation, and smokers who violate this situation will be punished, and the country is under strict investigation.In some areas, illegal smoking can be reported through the platform at any time, and smokers will be punished accordingly. Do you think this new measure of tobacco control is feasible?This article is originally produced by Jufu Finance. Please do not reprint it without permission.