He’s worth $100 billion, but he lives in a three-bedroom apartment and eats with his staff, and his sister-in-law turns down a big salary

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Tomorrow is the first day of the New Year, looking back on the hottest enterprise in 2022 is WANG Chuanfu of BYD. Because of the big sales of new energy vehicles, BYD plans to sell 1.5 million cars this year. In this case, BYD’s market value has also exceeded 900 billion, and the level of reaching trillion is also close at hand.As THE market value of BYD continues to increase, Wang chuanfu’s net worth has reached hundreds of billions, but he is still very low-key, he said that he is an engineer first, then the owner of the company, so BYD has today’s achievements.Although Wang Chuanfu is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, he only lives in a three-bedroom apartment in an ordinary community. When wang Chuanfu was in the company, he also went to the canteen to have staff meals with his employees every day.In fact, wang chuanfu’s wealth allows him to buy any luxury house he wants, but he doesn’t want to be so high-profile.Wang after his parents died, brother wang will he brought up, and Mr. Wang is living in a broken house, brother to get married later, according to family tradition, brother to go out of your life, but the sister-in-law said wang age is too small, can’t take care of yourself, so she does not recommend Wang Chuanfang leave him, even to help wang chuanfu read university.Sister-in-law Zhang Juxiu in order to save tuition for Wang Chuanfu, to borrow money from each household, and Wang Chuanfu sister-in-law and brother’s kindness in mind, determined to repay them in the future.His brother and sister-in-law worked in the city where he went to school so that they could take care of him.His sister-in-law once bought wang new clothes for him, but she was reluctant to buy her own, which moved Wang very much. Wang planned to work for a company after graduating from college, but his brother and sister-in-law suggested that he go to Beijing to continue his education.Mr. Wang later earned a master’s degree, found a secure job in Beijing and rose to become a leading official.After that, Mr. Wang went to work at a company in Shenzhen, and his brother and sister-in-law followed him to be closer to him.After wang chuanfu had some savings, he started his own business. At this time, his brother and sister-in-law also gave up their business to help Wang Chuanfu.Mr. Wang wanted an office for his brother and sister-in-law and offered them more money, but they didn’t want to cause him any trouble, so they turned him down.After Wang chuanfu became famous, his brother and sister-in-law were still grass-roots employees. They bought a house with their own efforts, and Wang Chuanfu also lived opposite them. The two families could still spend every day together.