Zorin OS 16 Education: A Linux distribution that makes learning easier

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Zorin OS 16 Education edition focuses on offline learning and new education apps to help schools and students.Zorin OS 16 is one of the most impressive releases of 2021.You may want to check out Zorin OS 16 and Zorin OS 16 Lite first.Now, after some time, the Zorin OS team has finally decided to release Zorin OS 16 Education edition.It can be expected to include all improvements to Zorin OS 16, as well as specific modifications tailored for education.Please note that the Educational version of Zorin OS 16 is completely free to download.For older computers, you can also use education Lite.What’s new in Zorin OS 16 Education edition?Zorin OS 16 education focuses on an offline first learning experience.In other words, it includes a qualified set of educational content that can be accessed without having to go online.To achieve this goal, Zorin OS 16 includes Kolibri, a free and open source education solution that supports self-paced learning and syncing/sharing over local Wi-Fi networks.So even without the Internet, you can rely on peer-to-peer connections to share educational content, collaborate, and continue learning without any distractions.School administrators can also create their own curriculum and download off-the-peg resources from sources like Khan Academy, Open Stax, and MIT.Of course, administrators need Internet access to do this.But once you download content, it can be easily shared on local networks without Internet access, making it possible to distribute educational content.In addition to Kolibri, Zorin OS 16 also unveiled new education apps, some of which are: Minder:Similar to Obsidian and Logseq, Minder is a simpler and more effective mind mapping tool that helps you visualize your notes and ideas for brainstorming sessions.Foliate is an impressive Linux ebook reader application.It should allow students/teachers to enhance the reading experience and also provide public domain books for download when needed.I recently covered OpenBoard as one of our app highlights.It’s a free and open source whiteboard that should be fun for teachers and students as well.OpenBoard should help improve the learning process through tools and the ability of applications to interact with multimedia content.Minuet is focused on helping you teach music to your students.You’ll find visual alignment, as well as ear exercises for chords, scales, etc.Depending on your system configuration, you can choose from Zorin OS 16 Education or Zorin OS 16 Lite Education.Both educational editions should deliver a faster, prettier desktop experience with access to more apps.Zorin OS 16 Education edition is available until April 2025.You can download Zorin OS 16 Education and its lite version from its official website.Zorin OS 16 Education Edition via:Author: https://news.itsfoss.com/zorin-os-16-education-release/ Ankush Das topics: lujun9972 translator: wxy proofreading: wxy original compilation, this paper by LCTT Linux honor launch in China