Young police officers of the Procuratorate of Jiange County carried out qingming Festival activities to sweep martyrs

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On April 1, the People’s Procuratorate of Jiange County organized 12 young police officers to visit the Revolutionary martyrs cemetery in Jiange County to remember the martyrs and promote the revolutionary spirit.Early in the morning, the young police dressed neatly in the prosecution uniform, lined up in a neat team, with a solemn mood, came to the monument to the revolutionary martyrs, pay homage to the memory of the revolutionary martyrs buried in the green mountains and cypress, listen to their heroic deeds, bow to them in silence, offer flowers.Later, the police came to the former Jiane County Procuratorate judicial discipline department police Ren Jianchao martyrs tomb, together to recall his great achievements.In July 1988, in order to rescue the women trapped by the flood, Comrade Ren Jianchao, who was at work, jumped into a fast-flowing river and swam to the trapped people. However, he was swallowed by the flood and finally lost his precious life at the age of 23.In recognition of his heroic deeds, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate posthumously awarded him the title of “Model procuratorial cadre who sacrificed his own life to save others”, and the provincial government posthumously recognized him as “revolutionary martyr”.In front of ren Jianchao martyr’s tomb, the young policemen reviewed his moving deeds and presented flowers to him with reverence.After listening to the deeds of Ren Jianchao martyr, the “90” after the prosecution officers are all moved, have expressed infinite memorial to the prosecution martyr, miss the feeling.”Ren Jiancao’s spirit of selfless dedication and fear of sacrifice is our precious spiritual wealth. We will pass on the ‘red gene’ of the revolutionary martyr and tell his heroic story to our procurators.””Carrying on the legacy of revolutionary martyrs is the best consolation for them. I will cherish the happy life and working environment I enjoy at present. I will be steadfast in my work and make outstanding achievements, and do not disgrace the procuratorial and police mission in the new era.”The revolutionary spirit is passed from generation to generation.In recent years, the People’s Procuratorate of Jiange County has taken the memory of the martyrs as an important starting point of the party history education and the history education of the hospital, which has inspired generations of procuratorial policemen to devote themselves to the work with a more ambitious attitude and promoted the new achievements of the procuratorial work of Jiange.(Text: Hu Lianfang Photography: Gao Xiang)