Toxic and carcinogenic?Are rice cookers a catalyst for liver cancer?Keep two points in mind for safe use

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With the gradual development of the current level of science and technology, people’s life style is also gradually changing.In recent years, all kinds of electrical appliances have swept people’s life, and electric cookers and other electrical appliances have gradually become common electrical appliances used in many families.The improvement of rice cookers for people’s diet is rapid, but with the use of rice cookers too frequently, the problem of cancer caused by rice cookers has been gradually raised, and even who also suggested to reduce the use.When the use of electrical appliances in life is becoming more and more common, rumors about electrical appliances are constantly coming out.The reason why rice cookers are said to be carcinogenic is because the inner liner material of rice cookers is light and non-sticky, so the characteristics of too high quality also makes people start to suspect the inner liner problem.Even the idea that the inner lining causes cancer is gradually spreading out.In fact, the inner liner of the electric rice cooker will not stick to food, because the production of the inner liner is very complicated.Because the production of the liner from the material into the liner is more than 30 processes, and in the last process of production, spraying layer is very important.Because the coating needs to use hard oxidized substances, such substances have a great impact on the hardness and adhesion of the material, so this process is very serious.The main ingredient in the tank is polytetrafluoron, which reduces friction, making cooking and cleaning easier.Usually the stability of ptfe is relatively strong, and will not have too much impact on the human body.However, when the substance is exposed to special high temperatures, the substance will lead to the appearance of polymer smoke heat, this kind of substance to the human body is significant, so more attention should be paid.Usually, the temperature of most families’ rice cookers will be controlled within 120℃, while the temperature of teflon for denaturation needs 260℃, so the coating used in the family is generally not denaturated, and it will not lead to toxicity.Although sometimes the coating will fall off due to some factors, but the body temperature does not affect the coating material, so the coating is not harmful to human health.For most people, the tank can continue to be used as long as there is no significant damage to the tank.But in fact, according to the food standards, if the migration of the coating of the inner bladder exceeds 10mg/square decimeter, then this situation is very easy to cause harm to human health.The loss of coating is the most likely to cause cooking to become a paste bottom, but in addition, the bladder is mostly aluminum products, so when cooking vegetables and other foods contain acid and alkali substances will produce chemical reaction with aluminum products, some harmful substances will also be produced, will also harm human health.For the use of electric rice cookers, although there will be instructions when buying, but sometimes still need to pay attention to some relevant matters.It is above all when scrub inner bladder, the appliance of a few metal products should reduce use, because the article such as metal shovel, steel wire ball causes inner coating to fall off very easily, the chemical reaction of food and aluminum also can aggravate.In addition, although cooking oil also belongs to the cooking needs, but more often we need to avoid using electric rice cooker oil.Because the oil temperature after heating up to 300 degrees Celsius, which has exceeded the coating can withstand the temperature, so it is easy to put high temperature oil rice cooker harmful substances, will also cause serious impact on the human body.So more time we need to pay more attention, otherwise the consequences to the human body will be more serious.