The increasing demand for multiple energy storage listed companies to make up for shortcomings

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On April 1, the construction site of Pingjiang Pumped storage power station of State Grid Xinyuan Hunan province began to pour concrete for the first storehouse of impermeable wall, marking that the lower reservoir dam of hunan’s largest pumped storage power station entered the main construction.”Securities daily” reporters at the scene learned that in recent years, with the photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy incremental power grid, the grid increment given, memory optimization and peak shift put forward higher requirements, the demand for diversified and multi-level advanced energy storage business growing, the listed company has been actively the nuggets pumped storage, compressed air energy storage, recovery of power battery energy storage, and other fields,We will improve the consumption capacity of local power grids.Pingjiang Pumped Storage Power Station is the largest pumping energy storage project in Hunan province with the largest volume and investment scale. The project is located in Fushushan Town, Pingjiang County, Yueyang City, with a total investment of 8.8 billion yuan and a total installed capacity of 1.4 million kW.It is mainly composed of upper reservoir, lower reservoir, water transmission system, underground workshop and switch station and other buildings. The designed annual power generation capacity is 1.009 billion KWH and the pumped power is 1.453 billion KWH. The first unit is planned to be put into operation by the end of 2025.The site staff introduced the project schedule and social benefits to the reporter of Securities Daily: “State Grid Xinyuan Hunan Pingjiang Pumped storage Power Station main project started construction on August 28, 2019.Up to now, the project has completed a total investment of 2.158 billion yuan, and is expected to complete an investment of 930 million yuan this year.After the completion of pingjiang pumped storage power station, it can save 82,000 tons of standard coal, reduce 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, boost hunan’s GDP by more than 11 billion yuan, and create profits and taxes of 140 million yuan annually.In addition, the project will bring social benefits in tourism, research and education, employment and income generation.”Professor Li Fuhai, deputy dean of the College of Electrical and Information Engineering of Hunan University, analyzed the above case to the reporter: “In recent years, with the implementation of the national policy to encourage wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation, the new power generation of the grid has increased significantly.Due to the influence of season, climate, geography and other factors, the above-mentioned new energy power generation has obvious seasonal and peak-valley differences, which puts forward higher requirements on the increase of grid consumption.Pingjiang pumped energy storage project can help central China Power Grid shift peak and fill valley, incremental consumption and inventory optimization.”He further added, “At present, there is an obvious price difference between daytime electricity and night electricity. As a pumping energy storage project, only pumping water at night and releasing water to generate electricity during the day can achieve certain benefits.However, pumped energy storage has high requirements on geological conditions, large amount of engineering, long construction cycle and large initial investment, which is not suitable for local state-owned enterprises, small, medium and micro enterprises to lead the development.”If enterprises want to deepen the field of advanced energy storage and make up for the shortage of consumption for the power grid, they need to explore scientific paths based on their own characteristics and local conditions.”On March 31, Dongfang Electric released its 2021 annual report, providing an answer for the exploration of advanced energy storage.Dongfang Electric said that in 2021, the company completed the development of compressed air energy storage power generation system national demonstration project air turbine, has promoted the construction of China’s first new carbon dioxide energy storage verification project, providing air turbine units jintan salt cag compressed air energy storage national demonstration project successfully connected to the grid.Salt cavern is a large and well-sealed mine left after salt mining.When asked whether salt caverns can be used for compressed gas energy storage, Liu Shaohua, secretary of the Board of Directors of Xuetian Salt, said to reporters:”Underground caverns will be formed after mining in thick underground salt layers or salt domes using water-soluble mining method. Salt under high temperature and high pressure has the characteristic of automatic healing of cracks. After a period of time, underground salt caverns can form sealed storage, which can theoretically be used to store compressed gas to achieve energy storage peak adjustment.As early as the 1960s, the United States, Canada, France, Germany and other countries carried out salt cavern gas storage tests, proving that the use of salt cavern storage compressed gas has an ideal effect.”Xuetian Salt also has plans to develop compressed gas storage business in salt caverns. Liu Shaohua added: “Our salt chemical company has rich salt caverns resources.We attach great importance to the development prospect of comprehensive utilization of salt cavern resources and have started to study and plan related work.We pay special attention to the emerging business of capturing carbon dioxide and using it for compressed air energy storage. While completing carbon reduction and carbon capture, we can also enter the field of advanced energy storage.”In addition to the above companies, China Energy Construction co., LTD., Shangneng Electric Co., LTD., Luyin Investment Co., LTD., Jinpan Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies also said they are providing equipment or planning related projects for compressed air energy storage business.Professor Li Fuhai analyzed the above cases and said, “Compressed gas energy storage project has the advantages of adapting measures to local conditions, large or small, and can also flexibly use existing resources such as salt caverns and mines. It is more suitable for local state-owned enterprises to take the lead.Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises can also take an active part in the project based on their own advantages and provide relevant supporting facilities and services.”How do micro, medium and small enterprises get involved in advanced energy storage?Hunan gave the experience of “embracing the group and entering the market”.In Changsha’s Greenhill Bus station, a large “energy treasure” is charging an electric bus. This is a cascade optical storage and charging integrated commercial project built after the recycling and reprocessing of retired power batteries.As China’s first batch of new energy vehicle power batteries enter the retirement peak, a number of research institutions predict that by 2030, China’s battery material recycling market space will exceed 100 billion yuan/year.A number of enterprises and scientific research institutions in Hunan aimed at the power battery recycling industry, spontaneously formed a power battery recycling industry chain, and made a good result of annual output value of more than 15 billion yuan.Xiong Wei, director of the new energy recycling Department of Changsha Mining and Metallurgy Institute, told reporters: “Decommissioning is not equal to scrapping, but the beginning of recycling.Retired power batteries generally have 80% of the battery capacity, after testing, maintenance, restructuring and other links, can be re-used in energy storage, distributed photovoltaic power generation, home electricity, low-speed electric vehicles and other fields.In each link, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with expertise should give full play to their advantages and contribute to recycling, sorting, testing, disassembly, assembly, splicing and installation.”In addition to retired power battery cascade energy storage power generation, small, medium and micro enterprises such as Kaidi Zhongneng, Shunhua Lithium, Hunan Bangpu, Jinyuan Xincai, Jinkai Cycle actively participate in the power battery harmless treatment, resource recycling and other fields.Retired power batteries are enjoying a new lease of life on li Huitong, a third-party recycling service platform.Since its launch in March 2020, “Li Huitong” has recycled more than 10,000 tons of retired power batteries and served 2,972 customers with a transaction volume of about 150 million yuan.Fu-hai li, a professor at the analysis of the case say the “country” difference “modern energy system planning, put the advanced energy storage in very important position, especially to focus on promoting to build the new power system, speeding up new type of energy storage applications, encourage the electric car, uninterruptible power supply, etc. The user side energy storage in load frequency control system.Thus, to develop advanced energy storage business, not only need to stand up large state should give play to bear, take the oversize project, also need the local state-owned enterprises adjust measures to local conditions, main body is suitable for mature project of argument, more in need of micro, small and medium enterprises and even the consumer response to the call for active participation in, together form a multi-level and diverse community of advanced energy storage system,Making power systems more resilient and resilient.In this process, I suggest policy makers summarize the mature models, successful cases and advanced experience in a timely manner, and on this basis, accelerate the introduction of several standardized reference plans for local reference and implementation, so as to promote the completion and implementation of a modern energy system at an early date.”(Editing By Joe Chuanchuan)