Thanks for guarding!The two associations jointly visited frontline anti-epidemic personnel

2022-05-27 0 By

Thanks for guarding!GuoYang association condolences to two line resistance to disease since new outbreaks occurred in February, with increasingly complex and severe epidemic situation first-line anti epidemic staff shoulder heavy tasks, to ensure we safely, they need to be on call 24 hours, became established GuoYang barrier between the people and the outbreak of “gatekeeper” in cities,For the current vortex Yang smooth through the difficulties contributed to the great strength.On the morning of April 5, 2022, Woyang County Caring People’s Association and Zhaotun Folk Culture Research Association of Yimen Town, Woyang County organized CPC and League Member volunteers to carry out a series of activities of “Caring Supplies against epidemic”.We first came to the highway guoyang east epidemic card point, at the epidemic card point, the volunteers saw such a group of people fearless of the risk of the epidemic, face up to the challenge of the epidemic, to fight against the epidemic, for the health of the people, give up their families to care for everyone, into the cause of epidemic prevention, very admire.People donated 17 boxes of hand-torn bread, 10,000 medical masks, 100 kilograms of medical alcohol and 20 boxes of instant noodles to the card point. Although these items are of limited value, they showed the hearts of people from all walks of life to those fighting the epidemic on the front line.In the communication with the epidemic card point in charge of Captain Li learned that since the outbreak of a new round of epidemic, the front-line prevention and control personnel stick to their posts, stay up late to stick to, although it is hard, to protect the safety of the party, guarding the east gate of Woyang.No matter how tired we are, we must stick to our posts.Li also said that the prevention and control of the epidemic is the top priority of the current work, related to the lives and health of the people, the overall social stability, there should be no slackening of mind and careless.People praised the dedication.During the donation activity, more than 5,000 yuan worth of sympathy materials were sent to frontline workers.There are few things, but it is of great significance. On the one hand, it is to support the supplies of the COVID-19 crisis, and at the same time, it is to express the respect and care of social organizations for them through condolence activities.The epidemic is ruthless, there is love in the world.I hope these city guards will not only protect the health and safety of people in Guoyang County, but also take good care of their own health and resolutely win the battle against the epidemic.(Sun Zhangling)