Students in class “pass notes”, the teacher wanted to “call parents”, after seeing was actually moved

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Primary and middle school students can not be very good control of their own behavior, appear in the class of a lot of absconding, there are some students secretly make small movements, but how also can not escape the teacher’s eyes.Learning is a very boring thing, especially for primary and middle school students, they are full of yearning for the outside world, although some students are in the classroom, but the mind does not know where to fly early.There is no denying that nowadays primary and secondary school students are under great pressure to learn, parents place great expectations on their children, students’ daily life is always full of study, day after day, some naughty students begin to “find fun” in class.This includes passing notes. Students think their movements are so seamless that they will not be noticed by the teacher. However, what they do not know is that teachers have been working in this field for many years, standing on the platform and watching students’ little movements, passing notes and having their hair cut during class is the most common thing.In primary and middle school students, puppy love is forbidden, because this period of the students’ mind is not fully mature, puppy love is not conducive to the growth of students, hinder the students’ physical and mental health development, harmful to students’ learning.So whether the teacher or parents, found that students have puppy love, will be criticized, but now among the students, the phenomenon of puppy love is also repeatedly banned, the teacher cut the note, there are a lot of students can find puppy love phenomenon.In the note, the two students said they would tell their teacher that they were single if they found out about the conversation.Finally the note was indeed cut by the teacher, it must be time to call parents to interview, not to mention the students words hurt the teacher, the problem of puppy love needs to be solved.02 primary school students in class “pass notes” gossip, did not expect to be “abandoned” by the students in the head of primary school students always have a lot of strange ideas, they are full of curiosity about everything, there are small students more gossip, even students fart also want to pass notes to say.But the other party did not buy it, said he was studying seriously, no idea to listen to others fart, did not expect the pupil not discouraged, asked “that sound and small steel cannon, you did not hear?”But the other party finally still unmoved, back to a “boring, don’t tell me these” ended the conversation, so we can see that the pupil must be a good student, usually very serious class.Students pass notes during class. If the teacher finds out, the teacher will be very angry at first. After all, it is a kind of disrespect for their work, and there is quite a mentality of “hate iron cannot become steel”.Found that students have passed notes of behavior, the teacher will want to call parents, let parents cooperate with their own, to help students get rid of this bad behavior, like the following student was found by the teacher to pass notes in class, just saw the first few lines of time, the teacher was not angry to play a place.Students say “the teacher is very ugly, very fierce, not good to listen to, not tall”, such vocabulary teacher not angry are difficult, just want to call parents to the school, but to see the end, actually some moved.The student went on to write, “But he loves his work, his students, his school, his colleagues and us in any way.” Perhaps the teacher’s most successful achievement is to be recognized by his students. After the teacher’s brief anger, the rest is moved.Students pass notes in class is a common phenomenon, whether primary or middle school students, there is this kind of behavior, when the teacher found that students do not listen carefully in class but pass notes, of course will be angry.Because students not only do not study, but also disturb other students’ study, teachers should not arbitrarily criticize students, but also analyze the root cause of students passing notes, to see if their lectures are not attractive enough.After the conclusion is drawn, targeted help students to get rid of the behavior of passing notes can reflect the professionalism of educators.05 teachers should try to communicate with students, more understanding of students teachers are adults, in the eyes of teachers, students or children, there are a lot of bad habits, such as loose discipline, class attention is not focused, whispering, etc., these are not in the class on the way.However, before teachers criticize students, they should think carefully, try to communicate with students more, more understanding of the students, now the students are very avant-garde, although they are not adults, but have their own small world.Students need correct guidance from teachers in the process of growth, which is also within the scope of teachers’ job responsibilities. In the eyes of students, they still rely on teachers very much. As long as teachers are willing to take the initiative to communicate with students, I believe they will find the root of the problem and correct students’ behavior.Have you been caught passing notes in class?(The above pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact delete) Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Xu Xiao mother said education