Love students!The Democratic League wenshan District Committee donated 803 sets of school supplies to the students in the quarantine point

2022-05-27 0 By

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic in Malipo disrupted the peaceful campus life of students. Affected by the epidemic prevention and control situation, some students entered the temporary isolation observation center in Wenshan city for centralized isolation and medical observation.On April 3, the NLD wenshan District Committee donated a batch of school supplies to the temporary quarantine observation center in Wenshan city to help the students study peacefully while giving them care.”How are the students living and studying here?Can supplies of all kinds be guaranteed?”In the afternoon, wenshan National People’s Congress standing committee, deputy director of the pad of wenshan committee chairman Xiong Chaokang and zanu-pf wenshan committee of wenshan city Red Cross come related personnel to wenshan city temporary isolation observations, head to isolate some details about the students physical condition and living situation, understand the teachers and students in learning difficulties and need,Asked the staff of the quarantine site to meet the students’ learning needs as much as possible while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and ensure that students in the quarantine site do not stop their education and do not fall behind in learning during the epidemic, and sent 803 sets of school supplies donated by the Democratic League Wenshan Prefecture Committee.Xiong zhaokang pointed out at the scene that wenshan temporary isolation observation station should implement the relevant epidemic prevention and control requirements, especially pay close attention to the living and learning situation of teachers and students at the isolation point, give priority to ensuring the supply of materials, and effectively solve the difficulties in living and learning of teachers and students at the isolation point.We should pay close attention to the psychological changes of students and actively publicize the knowledge of mental health protection to help students keep a good state of mind.The Municipal Red Cross Society should actively perform its duties, fully mobilize all kinds of social resources, organize and guide caring enterprises to make joint efforts, donate all kinds of learning materials, and provide more material support for the front line.After we learned that there were students in the isolation point, we actively prepared learning materials and brought some school supplies to the students in the isolation point, so that they can also study in the isolation point without worry, and provided them with our small efforts to study guarantee.Reporter: Nong Dingyuan