Tmall home Decoration upgraded its local services, allowing consumers to “cloud browse” through nearly 40,000 offline stores on Taobao

2022-05-26 0 By

A few days ago, Tmall home decoration local service upgrade again.Tmall has cooperated with 49 key home decoration brands such as Wrigley, Opai, Dongpeng, Sophia, Nature, Peano, Hollyke and Mag to upgrade localized service capabilities centering on content, service and all-domain business.Consumers can follow the explanation of professional shopping guides in taobao’s “Cloud shopping” model stores in the same city, choose goods, make an appointment to the store service, etc.The service is expected to cover nearly 40,000 stores.Wang Bing, president of Sophia Home Furnishing Group, introduced that products and stores nearby will be shown first in taobao search for “whole house customization/customized wardrobe/integrated cabinet” and so on.Consumers can directly reserve a measuring scale on Tmall or experience it in the store.In his view, this will realize the integration and matching of Tmall flagship store with offline stores and services, bringing predictable growth to the brand.The home decoration industry is special, because of the long construction period and jumbled service process, it is highly dependent on offline stores and stores.In a survey on the core needs of Tmall home decoration, the first demand of consumers is “hope to buy goods from the city”.In order to solve this problem, Tmall launched the “Three-Body Plan” for the first time in 2020, providing tools and services such as 3D shopping, same-city shopping “light shop” and live broadcasting to home decoration merchants for free, which promoted a large number of offline stores to “connect to the Internet”.The upgrade of localization service brings business growth for merchants.Take Opai as an example. Through the localized service of Tmall, opai has gathered more than 7,000 offline stores into a complete new retail sales network, which makes up for the deficiency of traditional offline stores and further improves the service and value of the brand.Last quarter, orders for Tmall’s home decoration localization business grew 90 percent year on year, with nearly 5,000 stores adding more than 1 million yuan in revenue.In addition to cloud shopping, “Three-Body Plan 2.0” will also provide consumers with exclusive rights and service guarantee for booking to the store, as well as a number of upgrading services such as localized shopping performance experience, said En Chong, general manager of Tmall Home Improvement Business Division of Alibaba taobao.Merchants will also sell products of the same type in their stores on Tmall, and accurately reach consumers in the same city through Tmall to improve store operation efficiency.Wen Jing, Reporter, Beijing Youth Daily, editor, Tian Ye