Tmall good room Fuzhou online marketing sharing will be held on April 1 to help digital marketing upgrade

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Since the beginning of the year, the real estate policy continues to release, high-level intensive voice to stabilize the property market, prevent risks, stabilize market expectations.However, the recurring COVID-19 pandemic has affected the real estate market in different areas.Offline sales encounter obstacles, how to break the traditional marketing way, drive business innovation, improve and eliminate, become an urgent problem for developers to solve.”Fighting the epidemic with one heart and win-win cooperation”.In order to promote the digital transformation of real estate enterprises and achieve breakthrough performance under the epidemic, Tmall Good Room held online marketing sharing sessions in major cities across the country to explore ways to work together for win-win results under special circumstances.The Online sharing event will be held at 4 PM on April 1.At that time, the participants will explain the current situation of the recent real estate market, research and judge the future market trend, introduce the market sales in the first quarter, put forward the latest needs of online marketing of enterprises, Tmall good room will bring the whole scene of marketing solutions to share.According to understand, in view of the increasing outbreaks repeatedly, offline marketing uncertainty, Tmall good room with four big online tools, enable digital marketing, help developers to achieve breakthrough, specific include: checking reservation: for single building customized, grafting dropping, community spread, and many other scenarios, the user clues to ensure timely delivery;Online capital verification: Alipay, Tmall good house double endorsement, millions of large capital verification one key to achieve, online two years of capital verification flow of more than 1.4 billion yuan, 2021 service 42 cities, 82 developers;Transaction lock: sign the contract first, then pay, safe and transparent funds, so that transactions during the epidemic will not be interrupted;Online housing selection: Ali Cloud, Tencent cloud technology support, centralized opening or sales of housing selection, online housing, parking can be achieved.In addition, during the sharing session, Tmall Will also share the venue Settings, interactive forms and user rights and interests of the third spring Online Housing Fair for the participating guests.The third spring Online Housing Fair, hosted by China Real Estate Association and Tmall, will be held from April 20 to May 8 and will cover more than 70 cities.More than 150 brands participated in the exhibition, involving more than 2,000 new house projects, and attracted more than 5,000 brokerage institutions to participate in the exhibition.The event is expected to cover about 50 million people.The third online Housing Fair will extend real estate services to new houses, second-hand houses and rental areas.Among them, the new house, the second-hand house venue is divided into six venues, gathering the major cities of popular quality real estate and the new must see housing, launched “super subsidy” “good price leakage” “commission preferential” and other interactive gameplay.With a large number of high-quality projects and housing options, affordable prices and equity commitments, the Housing fair has provided a rich variety of opportunities for home buyers, with expectations already full.Fuzhou Binhai New City has launched 300 units of affordable housing for talents, and 351 people who meet the application conditions have been listed.Related to fuzhou talent housing Fuzhou four urban collective land housing expropriation procedures adjustment