Chongqing is a popular small town with a unique culture and a good place to relax

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Speaking of Chongqing, it is a very charming foggy and mountain city. What’s different from other cities in southwest China is that chongqing is one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government, with a particularly perfect transportation network and a particularly developed economy.Especially in recent years, because of the high-speed rail, aircraft and other transportation more and more perfect, the development of tourism here is in full swing, people are very envious.Among the more famous tourist attractions there are Jiefangbei, Hongyadong, Ciqikou and other places, and today we are going to talk about a rapidly growing local town, which is small in area, but has a unique culture, is a good place for leisure.Here is the west flow Tuo town, although the overall profile is much less than the now famous magnetic device mouth, but there are also unique local historical and cultural characteristics, therefore also be chongqing local old man affectionately call “river city”, so blunt this reputation, is also worth a visit, and to celebrate is only a short time before,It has just been listed as a local national 4A scenic spot, which has also caused a not small tourism trend.When you walk into this ancient town, you will feel slightly different from Ciqikou. Many parts of the town still have some unique local civilization.For example, those who let a person see the ancient stage full of ancient charm, ancient pagoda, these are inside the ancient building group with a long history, it is very interesting to let tourists.Especially they abutt water according to the mountain, make here have unique lasting appeal, especially much the feeling of a few minutes of jiangnan gentle water town, it is to let a person get drunk very much.And architecture not only afford for thought here, the entire town of beautiful natural scenery and special, so when you got on the tower, or on the railings on the river, listen to the murmur of sound, listen to the proliferation of the birds, look busy streets, really quite a few minutes jianghu breath, think that’s here called the “river town” will be one of the reasons!However, although this is an ancient town, in fact, there is no lack of local government in order to create a better scenic area and new antique famous houses, they interspersed in every corner of the town, which also makes here unique a bit of antique flavor.Although it’s a new building, it’s quite ingenious in terms of craftsmanship, and it gives the place a bit of a unique feeling of combining old and new, so overall, it’s quite amazing.Moreover, the overall atmosphere here is very quiet, and it is suitable for those who are tired of staying in the noisy city to travel here. It will definitely make you feel very happy, especially walking in the town, looking at the slow pace of life here, but also reluctant to leave here.