Known as the most beautiful station wagon Peugeot 308SW announced domestic patent aircraft cockpit + frameless door

2022-05-25 0 By

When German cars say they are beautiful, when Japanese cars say they are exquisite, French cars laugh!Although the situation of French cars in China is not so good in recent years, it can not be denied that the romance, elegance and luxurious attainments of French cars are not missing at all.Peugeot 308SW, which was listed in the European market some time ago, is now applying for a design patent in China.The world of suVs is about to turn upside down!Note that it is only Ta’s patent application at the moment and there is no other news that Ta will be introduced into China.But judging from this program, it should be intended to enter China, after all, from the overseas market, Ta is definitely a good car worth buying.Ta is different from general SUVs, and to a large extent restores the style of sedans, such as this low flat front shape, which has a sense of sport.The new large size grille, as well as the new style of the large lion logo, and the previous feeling is different.The two sides are matched with slender headlights, and the LED daytime running lights extend below, giving a bit of the tusk of the open mouth of a lion.Other SUVs, on the side, look bloated, or grow in ways you don’t like.But apparently Peugeot in this Angle also considered quite accurate, Peugeot 308SW on the size and line of the grasp is just right, smooth sliding roof lines and proportional coordination of the size, so that the whole car side low party feeling.Enough to form an echo with the front face, and no trace of redundant feeling, especially the people also use a frameless door, on this point, can be comparable to the luxury car.There are also a lot of sharp lines in the rear, and the addition of a double-sided exhaust port looks like it could work if you’re going off-road.Peugeot in recent years in the interior style of the style of aircraft cockpit, double round steering wheel, fighter style full LCD instrument, up and down split central control screen and electronic shift design.We’ve never flown a plane before, but it does look a little different than a traditional car.In terms of power, the new car offers two turbocharged engines of 1.2T and 1.6T, and is matched with two transmissions of 6MT and 8AT.A 1.5-terabyte diesel version is also available overseas, but this power ratio will not be available in China.Ghost truck point of view: now there is only one wish, is really introduced to China, will be a large proportion of the previous design style.Like airplane cabins, like frameless doors.What do you think?