How dangerous is it to smoke while driving?Show it to the folks

2022-05-25 0 By

This year guangdong coincides with the Spring Festival rain many friends live on the first motionless second motionless third day but the fourth day of the rain finally stopped!Before you get into an exciting drive to hang out with your friends, they call you and ask you where you are.Or for a long time did not see the fellow happy in the first officer to give you a cigarette at the moment, you do not receive?Of course not!Many accidents are caused by distracted driving:Driving while talking on a cell phone is 2.8 times more likely to cause an accident.You are 23 times more likely to have an accident if you look at your phone while driving.It takes at least three seconds to glance at your phone. If you drive at 60km/h, you will drive about 50 meters in three seconds, which is easy to cause traffic accidents.Under normal circumstances, driving at a speed of 60km/h, in case of emergency need to brake, brake distance is at least 20 meters;If you look at your phone while driving, the braking distance will be even greater, the consequences will be unimaginable.Take smoking while driving as an example: Smoke produced by smoking will permeate the entire carriage, resulting in poor vision.A series of actions such as the driver touching the smoke, lighting the cigarette with a lighter and looking for the cigarette box in the driving will also hinder safe driving.In an emergency situation, the driver controls the vehicle with one hand, which will affect the emergency response ability, resulting in the occurrence of traffic accidents.Common distracted driving behaviors 1. Using a mobile phone while driving, such as making and receiving calls and sending and receiving wechat messages;2. Bend over to pick up things.3. Eating while driving;4. Setting or constantly checking navigation while driving;5. Over-engaging in chatting with other people on the bus;6. The driver smokes while driving, and the smoke can affect the vision;7. Drivers make up, fix their hair and apply facial masks while driving.When driving, you should stay focused, pay attention to the road at all times, maintain the right speed and control of the vehicle.Deceleration and braking should be foreseen. Don’t hit the direction, accelerate and slam on the brakes.When you are bored or tired while driving, you are prone to lack of concentration, slow reaction, incomplete thinking, and mental laxity. You should stop driving and take a rest to ensure that you are energetic and happy.03 With the help of experience analysis, judgment drivers should learn more at ordinary times, review safe driving knowledge, accumulation of experience, so that in the occurrence of dangerous situations can quickly with the help of experience analysis, judgment, the first time to make the choice to minimize the injury, some accidents are in the moment of making a decision.Accident case, shocking driving safety, especially must remember!Hope that the majority of drivers as a warning to improve the law abiding consciousness cherish life, safe travel!