BMW maliciously blocked the entrance of the community, security guards persuaded refused to move the car: my car 2 million, see who dare to move

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Cars are also divided into grades. Compared with ordinary cars, people prefer luxury cars and give way to luxury cars.Do not want to collide with these vehicles, so as not to produce disputes, so that they bear high maintenance costs.But if the luxury car owners are threatened by the car expensive, then there is no need to comity, direct police processing can be.There was a dispute at the gate of a residential area in Zhejiang province. A BMW 7 Series was blocked at the gate of the residential area. The owner tried to get out of the residential area, but it was blocked and could not move.According to the residents who watched the scene, the BMW owner deliberately created difficulties for the private car owner who wanted to leave the community, because the other party did not let him enter the community.At that time, there was a white car ready to leave the community, the white car half of the body has already pulled out of the gate, the front has also started to turn left.According to the normal situation, the other side is about to drive out of the community, to enter the community of vehicles should first let the other side out and then into the community.However, the BMW owner clearly saw that others were coming out soon, not only did not slow down his speed, but also honked to let him go in first.The owner of the white car ignored him, thinking he was already out of the neighborhood and just needed to step on the gas.But this angered the OWNER of the BMW, who drove directly opposite the white car, confronted him and wouldn’t let him leave.The owner of the white car also felt very aggrieved and tried to get off with the BMW owner.But the BMW owner did not pay any attention to the other side, still blocking the car at the gate of the community.Other owners tried to get out, but they couldn’t move because the BMW was stuck in traffic.Other owners also came down to persuade BMW owners, let him move the car, but THE BMW owners did not listen, and the ATTITUDE of the BMW owners is very tough, but also threatened: my car value of 2 million, I see which dare to move my car, if there is a problem, will let him pay the bankrupt.Both the security guard of the community and the owners of the community advised the owners to calm down and forgive others, but the BMW owner was still unmoved, he said that today I would park the car here, to see who dares to move.When persuasion failed, the owner called the police.I thought the car owner’s attitude would soften after the police came, but the BMW owner was not afraid at all, and he shouted to the police.After a long time of persuasion, the police finally called for a tow truck and towed away the BMW car blocked in the intersection. The road of the whole community was restored to be smooth.Netizens applauded the end of the matter, many netizens said that some people always rely on their expensive car to do whatever they want, think that others should let him.The car is expensive is not the reason that does not abide by the rules, others have been quick out of the community, comity once others can how, early walk for a while can how?Some netizens also said that the traffic police did a good job and should take strong measures to deal with unruly people.Comments: can afford to buy 2 million BMW cars, BMW owners can be seen the strength of extraordinary.But from what he has done, the quality of BMW owners and his value can not match.Other people drive ordinary cars does not mean that there is no ability, do not rely on their own good car with others tit for tat.