A number of live saury fish have grown in a fish pond in Jingjiang, opening a new idea for artificial cultivation of saury fish

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“Return is really knife fish, originally I still thought is boast of!””This is big, at least have 3 two!””These small ones, not only did not die out of water, but were still alive and kicking.”Yesterday afternoon at 3 o ‘clock, in the clear jing park with five fair in the village of jingjiang Yu Zhuang family farm, staff in a seemingly ordinary put up an one mouthful a gill pond mouth for 10 minutes, farm technology consultant, clarification of jing park agricultural division deputy section chief Song Xingji blind “open box” : “just know, quantity also many, but the specific how much nobody can catch said clearly.”Song xingji is referring to the sword-fish, which have been appearing in the pond since 2018. After four years, the size and number of sword-fish have been increasing.”There is!Quite a few!”As the staff and onlookers shouted, silvery fish shaped like lancet slowly surfaced.A single net caught nine knifefish, the largest of which was 40cm long and weighed 166g.The smallest is less than 10 centimeters and weighs about 20 grams.”It’s really a knife-fish. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one alive.””What a beautiful fish!A tourist fishing on the farm exclaimed in admiration.”Not only did you find it amazing, I was surprised to see it.”Song Xingji said that the fish pond in front of the end of 2017 had been completely clean pond, sun pond, the next spring to re-water, and began to breed river shrimp, four fish and other aquatic products.In the summer of 2018, the person in charge of the farm accidentally found two small knifefish with a length of 7~8 cm while fishing in the net.Winter fish catching, there are several knife fish, this time out of the water of the knife fish head significantly increased, has grown to a body length of 12 cm, weight of about 50 grams.”It was a rare thing to catch saury one after another without putting saury fry in the pond, and I began to pay attention to this pond and try my best to make saury ‘stay’.”Song Xingji introduced, to understand the “special” fish pond, farm began to change the way of breeding.Clear the pond mouth of carnivorous fish and pay more attention to water quality control.It is understood that Jiayuzhuang family farm of Jingjiang is adjacent to Wuwei Port. The farm introduces fresh water from the port, and strengthens the control over the use of fish medicine and other inputs to simulate the ecology of the Yangtze River as far as possible, and implements the ecological mixed cultivation of knife fish.In the four years that followed, the staff noticed that the size of the knife fish in the mouth of the pond continued to grow, and tourists once caught a small knife fish of about 80 grams.At the end of 2021, the pond’s first official swordfish fishing.In less than an hour on the same day, I caught 9 knifefish of different sizes, among which the largest body length reached 40 cm and weighed 185 grams, and the smallest also had 85 grams.”The owner of the pond has never planted any fish fry, so we don’t know how many fish there are in the pond, but from the fishing situation, there can be 9 fish in a net. I think there is a certain number of fish in the pond. From his pond mouth area, it is estimated that there should be 700~800 fish over 100 grams.”Song Xingji said.Where exactly do these knifefish come from?Whether this can provide some reference for artificial breeding of swordfish?Yesterday, consult aquatic product technology service center of bureau of city agriculture and countryside with respect to this matter senior engineer Huang Ping.