Tai ‘an released data on the fifth day of the first lunar month: 10 minor traffic accidents occurred in the city

2022-05-24 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point trainee reporter Xu Hui February 5 evening, Tai ‘an released the Spring Festival holiday sixth astronomical travel data, Tai ‘an city tourism market order joint law enforcement group, increase joint law enforcement efforts,For outer village, peach blossom valley, dai temple and other scenic spots and cultural tourism and business operation entities safety management, epidemic prevention and control, order and food hygiene supervision inspection of all, environmental enforcement personnel 20 people, inspection business unit 14 (1 four scenic spots, travel agencies, Internet cafes 4, 2 places of entertainment, movie 2 and 1 star hotel).The municipal public security organs dispatched more than 1,650 police person-times, cleaned up and educated 37 uncivilized people who disturbed the order of the tourism market, and mediated 7 tourist disputes.Conscientiously implemented the “Tai ‘an Public Security Bureau’s 10 Measures to Optimize the Tourism Development Environment”, issued 3 relevant certificates for tourists, and provided consulting and rescue services for 173 times;Traffic police departments for tourists minor traffic violations “education is the main, punishment is supplementary”, no punishment 5 cases, quickly compensate tourists 10 minor traffic accidents.The whole day push prompt SMS 232951, including 93412 mobile, Unicom 49320, 90219 telecom.