Snake wine is drinking corpse water?A 50-year-old man who drank snake wine was almost paralyzed. Why was snake wine poisoned frequently?

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In 2014, Mr. Xie, a nanchang resident, opened his own snake wine that had been soaked for 22 years.Twenty-two years ago Xie’s wife heard that snake wine was good for health, and they had plenty of baijiu at home.So he bought eight snakes from a young snake catcher, including zhuyeqing.Mr. Xie said that before soaking the snake wine, the snake was first bathed with half a kilogram of liquor and kept sealed in a glass wine jar, which was never opened.It was not until 2014 that Xie opened the snake wine and took a sip. As a result, his vision became blurred as he walked from the living room to the balcony. It took several hours for him to recover.Snake wine is said to strengthen the body, so why does it make people’s vision blurred after soaking for 22 years?Snake Wine Actually, many people have the wrong idea about snake wine. They think it is wine, and wine gets better with age.But the truth is that alcohol is very volatile and can evaporate if not properly preserved.In 2015, Mr. Yuan from Yubei opened a bottle of liquor that had been treasured for 7 years, only to find that the bottle was empty. But Mr. Yuan was very puzzled because the bottle had never been opened and there was no hole on the bottle, so there was no possibility of leakage.If it was never opened, why was the bottle gone?The answer came from the manufacturer of the wine brand. It turned out that the wine was fired, and some fine lines or tiny holes in the body of the porcelain bottle allowed the alcohol from the inside to slowly evaporate to the outside.In addition, liquor storage requirements are high, have certain requirements for temperature and humidity, random storage will also make liquor volatilize slowly.Thank a gentleman to snake wine is a drink is fuzzy, is likely to be the alcohol in wine slowly evaporating out during storage, besides has the function of the degradation of snake venom, alcohol still has an important function of “corrosion”, when low alcohol content, microbial breed, and snake provides a source of organic matter, microorganism makes the snake wine into a “snake resin wine”.While snake wine is very common and it seems everyone can speak it properly, there are a number of caveats when soaking it.For example, it is very important to choose the degree of liquor, especially when soaking poisonous snakes. Snake wine with a low degree of liquor not only has a greatly reduced anti-corrosion effect, but also has a greatly reduced function of degrading snake venom, which may lead to the snake venom has not been completely degraded, and there is a risk of poisoning when drinking it.In 2011, Mr Huang, 50, was given a “treasure” of snake wine from a relative, who told him it had been soaked for more than three months.In order to relieve rheumatism, Mr. Huang drank a small glass of snake wine soon after receiving it, which was about half of it. Unexpectedly, after drinking it, he vomits and diarrhea. However, Mr. Huang thought it was the medicine’s effect and did not seek medical treatment.After a week of this delay, Mr. Huang was close to paralysis, and doctors determined that he had accidentally taken snake wine to cause peripheral neuropathy, but the delay was so long that the recovery effect was unknown.Another risk is that many people like to soak live snakes. What is more dangerous is that live snakes may hurt people in the process of producing fluids, especially poisonous ones. Once bitten, there is a risk of poisoning.Another risk of soaking a live snake is that it may carry microorganisms, even parasites, and it is extremely risky to soak them in wine.In fact, the risk of drinking snake wine is very high, and many people drink snake wine to “strengthen the body”, but they do not know that alcohol will affect the liver function, the International Institute for Research on Cancer has listed alcohol as a “level 1 carcinogen”.Many snakes are now protected species, such as the five-step snake and the silver ringed snake, which are protected in the same category as wild pigs. This means that if you kill a wild five-step snake or silver ringed snake, you will face legal consequences.In 2021, gu, a native of Jilin province, was caught by local police after illegally catching 119 wild snakes and preparing to sell them.A man surnamed Xie, from Zhejiang province, was also caught by police after 248 snakes were found in his house, many of them Zhoushan cobras, one of China’s rare and endangered wildlife.Finally, the court took into account its repentant circumstances and a good attitude toward mistakes, sentenced to three years in prison, suspended for four years, a fine of 10,000 yuan.We need to protect snakes, because the snake is also a chain ring, their survival is closely related with the local ecological, once their population decline or extinction, although the iec will continue to run, but ecological will therefore become unhealthy, even the ecological deterioration, such as: no snakes, mice may be flooded.