Over 160 million views!Chen He opens new comedy series this year, has become a new benchmark for comedy?

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Who would have thought that at the beginning of 2022, Chen He would have landed a drama series about Wang Fried.That is “warm holiday 2”, as a New Year comedy, last year bai Yu, Dapeng they starred in the first data is quite bright.However, I never expected that This time Chen He would take over, the TV series not only has a very bright broadcast volume, easily broke through 160 million clicks, reputation is also very good.Millions of viewers are laughing crazy at this New Year comedy, millions of viewers are boasting that this TV series is the funniest comedy of the New Year!So how good is Chen He’s Warm Holiday 2?Please listen to me slowly!1, the cast is eye-catching!This drama in addition to Chen He this long in the laugh point on the actor to join in, other actors are also quite bright.For example, liu Tao, perhaps most of the audience is tired of her playing the role of domineer female president, tired of seeing her playing a good wife.But this time, liu tao’s role as a domineering investor in the comedy is really the show’s biggest draw.She is seriously playing the boss, Chen He is seriously funny.The point is that when a pair of siblings get together, the comedy is instantaneous.Of course, liu Tao also has a particularly interesting scene for me, that is when she went up the hill to look for her sister on a tractor.The army coat, the confused hair, and the cold red nose.It can be said that Liu Tao this play, is a foot into the threshold of comedy, really interesting.In addition to Chen He and Liu Tao, there are many eye-catching actors in the drama.Yang and Zhang Jiani, for example, are a pair. One is a billionaire chef and the other is a boss with a lot of debt.Especially when Yang came to Work for Zhang Jiani for free with a lot of money, I was really shocked.Now that’s a high-class bully, now that’s a real romance!Of course, there is also the person who increases the comedy effect with Chen He, that is Jiang Chao. In many people’s impression, he is the fat man in Ghost Blows out the Light in recent years, but when he is serious and funny, when he is serious in comedy, I can still recognize him at a glance as the Little Jiang in The Story of Cooking Class.That’s not all.There are also many familiar faces in this drama, such as Teacher Ni Dahong, Teacher Ni Ping, lu Qiantang in The Snow, and teacher Manjiang.It can be said that this “Warm Holiday 2”, with the cast, is quite a hotspot.Especially Chen He and Liu Tao this pair of sister and younger brother love CP, really let me feel too interesting.2, the plot is quite diabolical!The first season of “Warm Holiday” is to Spend the Spring Festival in Sanya, and this season of “Warm Holiday” went to the northeast For the Spring Festival.Going to the Northeast, the comedy becomes quite sinister and quite funny.In particular, Chen He went to the northeast came across a black car driver this scene, can make me laugh for several days.Outside the dark airport, there was no taxi, Chen He and his assistant could not find a car, can only get on the black car driver’s car.But as the car went faster and faster, they found themselves farther and farther away from their destination.The Chen He character thought he was being robbed, and they immediately wanted the driver to turn around and head back to the airport.But the northeast driver, full of grievance ground to say, otherwise you who can drive, you drive, I really have no other what idea.And this is not over, the most wonderful is that the black car driver sent Chen He two people to a farmhouse, Chen He they are ready to call the police for help.But at this moment, the village head came with wine.The village head wanted to develop a skating rink, but could not find investors, black car drivers heard that they have money, they want to let the village head to accompany them, let them invest.The best part is that Chen He, a Shanghai native, always thought he could drink the group of northeast men in front of him and then run away.But the actual situation is, the village head did not drink down, Chen He drink down, and all kinds of cowhide are blown out.The most diabolical is Chen He this young, incredibly and old village head sworn brothers.And this is just this “Warm Holiday 2” a small aspect of the evil, there is more evil, that is Ni Dahong’s father-in-law is cheating Yang L this cheap son-in-law.That scene is, early in the morning Ni Dahong huaxing Yang l went hunting in the mountains.But a mountain, Ni Dahong pointed to the front of a cave said: “there is a blind bear in the mountains, as long as I handle the firecrackers a little, the black bear will certainly come out after us!”And Yang L asked Ni Dahong why to do so?Ni Dahong this father-in-law readily took out a information to Yang said: “I checked your information, you have a market value of 100 million company, you are so rich, why do you want to come to our mountain when a cook?”And Yang is also scared out of words, immediately his thoughts out, is like Zhang Jiani, is chasing her.And after hearing this satisfactory answer, Ni Dahong turned his head and brought Yang home.Really, so tough old father-in-law, really only northeast just have, also only “holiday warm 2” in just can appear.This is also the “Holiday Warm 2” the most evil place, from the northeast errenzhuan, to the hospitable northeast driver, and then to the fierce old father-in-law, this “holiday warm 2” the northeast evil elements really sit solid!The most important thing is that these diabolical plots are really funny and funny!Especially Chen He’s paragraph, almost every second is a comedy blockbuster both visual sense!3, The details are enough to poke people!Although this “Warm Holiday 2”, is a pure New Year’s comedy.But the details, the emotional expression, are exactly the same.The relationship between Liu Tao and his daughter, for example, is the most thought-provoking line in the drama.Mother is excellent, want to do everything first, even for this matter, do not hesitate to leave home northeast, went to Shanghai struggle.But the daughter, indeed too much pressure, talent is not enough, no matter how hard she tries, no matter how hard she struggles, can not reach the height of the mother expected, are not up to the mother wants.Finally make to return to the northeast, finally make to leave mom.The shaping of this mother-daughter relationship is indeed of social significance.After all, in real life, there are many parents who want their children to be successful and their daughters to be successful.But they all ignore such a point, that is: “children can finally go far, finally can fly how high, really not parents can force out, the key is still talent, most children are just ordinary people!”The saddest detail is that the daughter cries, “Let mother go and have a better child!”Seriously, the details of Liu Tao and her daughter this time really hit me.Another is Chen Xiao. Her parents have only one daughter, and her mother has been skating with her for 15 years.However, Chen Xiao suddenly said that she had given up. Her parents had tried everything they could to find a job for her and a way out for her.But willful children really never consider their parents pay, really never consider their parents’ hard work.To tell you the truth, WHEN Chen Xiao willfully gave up skating, I really feel unworthy for her parents.But this is the reality, this is the reality of life in most of the children are able to come out of things, encounter a little difficulty to give up, never consider the input of parents behind, never consider the idea of parents.Such children are really selfish.But on the other hand, is it just the sons and daughters who are selfish?Parents also have problems. For example, Liu Tao is a mother who always wants to be the first in everything. But why should she impose her ideas on her daughter?So strictly speaking, Warm Holidays 2 is not just a New Year’s comedy, but also a family drama.How to be a parent, how to be a child, has been dabbled in this TV series.Are you guys following the show?Welcome to comment and discuss with me!Article/Qing Qing’s entertainment Diary © original ARTICLE copyright: Qing Qing’s entertainment diary without authorization please do not reprint in any form