Is it necessary for Anhui University to merge with Bengbu Medical College?

2022-05-24 0 By

Recently, some netizens suggested that Anhui University and Bengbu Medical College should be merged to form a new Anhui University.The advantage of the merger is that Ann University has basically realized the full coverage of disciplines;The discipline strength has been enhanced to a certain extent.In line with the current 985 and 211 universities have their own medical college construction trend.Clam medical has become a double first-class university;It also plays a certain role in promoting the construction of double first-class disciplines of THE University of Ann. As the only double first-class discipline in the list of double first-class disciplines of the University of Ann is warned.Therefore, there have been many suggestions on the discipline construction of Ann University.These suggestions are all very good. They are all aimed at ensuring smooth approval of the double first-class disciplines in 2023 and keeping the title of double first-class university.Ann merges mussel medicine to be able to do big and strong now?Merge mussel medicine is inferior to merge Ann medicine directly;The hospital is located in Hefei, and its affiliated hospital is the best third-class hospital in Anhui Province.So the strength of Ann will be more.If merging a medical school could solve The university’s current problems, the province would probably have brokering the deal.Regardless of the merger of Musang Medical College or Ann Medical College, the subject capacity of these two medical schools is still lacking a lot, and the double first-class subject construction problem of Ann University still cannot be solved.The problem of Ann University’s double first-class disciplines is not in the medical school, but in the unreasonable setting of academic results.In fact, Ann University has taken a good step in the construction of double first-class;Sun Changyin, a top professor of automation in Southeast University and a national outstanding youth, was invited to serve as vice president.The posture is already very high;As long as the quality of talent is high enough, Ann Can give you everything you want.Ann University in the construction of science and engineering this step is very correct.The proportion of liberal arts in the whole discipline system in Ann University is too high;The strength of science and engineering is weak, and changing the current situation requires a long period of investment. Only with persistent investment, can the goal of transforming from liberal arts colleges to science and engineering colleges be slowly realized.In fact, what we are most worried about is the acceptance of the double first-class disciplines in the next year. There is no need to worry too much.In my opinion, it is impossible to remove the double first-class disciplines from the shelves. As long as the University of Ann has a positive performance in the construction of double first-class disciplines, it can pass the acceptance of the double first-class disciplines with a certain attitude, or replace one of the disciplines on the top.However, the strength of other disciplines in Ann university is really not competitive, and it is really not good to change.In order to build up the material science of Ann University, it is necessary to introduce heavyweight national talents, preferably those with titles such as Jieqing and Changjiang Scholars. It would be better to invite an academician to sit in the seat.Concentrate superior resources to do well in material science, achieve success in one point, and finally promote the construction of science and engineering in University of Ann.Of course, the main problem is that the UNIVERSITY needs enough financial support every year, otherwise everything is out of the question.As for merging medical colleges and universities, it is not necessary to consider temporarily, that is, you want to merge, mussel medicine is not willing to.