I haven’t bought a house yet, but I’m better off than most people who do

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A few years ago, I studied this column on Weibo and saw a lot of big V’s answering questions.I took a look and saw a problem like this.Surprisingly, it is the real estate problem, and now everyone is concerned about the anxiety of a problem, I paid to see, Lao Luo’s three views or very positive, share to everyone, I hope to give you a little inspiration.1. The real estate paradox is not about bullying. You don’t have to buy a house.I think a private jet is a very practical thing for people who travel a lot. I want to buy one and find I can’t afford it, but I won’t feel “bullied” by the price.There is no such thing as “need” except air, food and water.Think yes, it is all caused by concept problem.I am 45 years old, I can afford a house, but I still don’t buy one and I am living very well, even better than most people who own a house.In the past two decades when China’s housing price has been rising rapidly, the real benefits of individual purchase are investment purchase (for example, those who rent a house but invest to buy a house;Or live a set, reinvest to buy one or more sets).Overall, the proportion of such people in the people who own houses is not high.And the reason why they can earn much more money than other people’s work is because a large number of believers who should not be able to afford to buy a house (in terms of income) regard buying a house as the ultimate goal of life, rather than a certain way or choice of life, which is one of the important reasons for the rising house price.Massive urbanisation in China, a traditionally agrarian society, explains the rise in house prices, but not the absurd price-to-rent ratio.A house slave couple of low income working class, relying on the money collected by the elderly of both sides to pay the down payment, live in an apartment of tens of millions of yuan to vomit blood to pay the mortgage and taxes, no matter how much the house price rises, as long as they do not sell into profit, they will still sit on the gold mountain to eat instant noodles house slave.An interesting paradox is that since they are believers in homebuying, how could they possibly sell their house to rent?Even if the portion of the increase since they bought the house has been enough for them to rent a much nicer mansion and live there until they die.In short, in China, those who have spare money for 20 years but have never bought a house are the unlucky ones who happen once in 20 years.Lucky smart people who have money but scrape together enough money to buy one and sell it at many times the price and live a good life;Cash-tight family pooled money to pay a down payment after vomiting blood for the house, the house price increased more than ten times but also live in it to eat instant noodles, are big XX;Tight at hand began not to buy but found that the rise more and more scary dead carry after more than 10 years finally determined that the whole family contributed money to buy a very small and then vomit blood for the house to live in the inside eating instant noodles and other house prices rise every day but even if the rise in some also do not sell continue to live in the inside to eat instant noodles has been eating to the housing bubble burst, are super big……An angel with broken wings;Those who have enough money to buy several units and then sell them when they have multiplied many times are lucky and wise;I have enough money to buy several sets of…… which have increased many times but haven’t sold yetHe who has plenty of money will do right.2, reading is not useful to the people of our country to eat full belly for many years……”Knowledge changes destiny” is true, but it does not mean that everyone with a high degree can afford to buy a house.If you can’t even get this right, you’re not reading enough.What to say to Young People The children of good fathers have always lived more comfortably than the children of poor fathers, in any country, in any age.Dissatisfaction with the status quo is understandable, but it should not lead to a false understanding of the world and a discussion based on that false understanding.In Today’s China, if a young person at the bottom of society wants to “move up”, it should be the best ideal period in the past four or nine years (except for some extreme cases, such as children in some poor areas who are not even literate when they are young).If you want to start a business or participate in entrepreneurship, it is a great era of ups and ups. (It is normal for human beings to be ignorant of good fortune. In the age of great navigation, adventurers born at the time often unwittingly envied their predecessors who lost their way in the sea with only two small broken boats.)A horizontal comparison also shows that social classes in most developed countries are relatively stable, with few opportunities for “upward mobility”.In Japan, for example, there have been few big, decent new companies emerging in recent decades.Of course, on the other hand, a healthy and affluent society should be dominated by the middle class. If a society has reached this stage, social stability is not necessarily a bad thing.What is there to say to young people?I suggest reading more and thinking more in addition to hard work.The above is Luo Yonghao’s reply. After finishing writing, someone left a message saying that the speech delayed others to buy a house. Luo Yonghao forwarded this question and left a message saying:Some people say that I delay others to buy a house, in the question of buying a house, I am the answer of the “once in 20 years of bad luck”, so I just talk about my personal views on buying a house, dare not and not qualified to act as others to buy a house consultant.Some say I’m misleading young people.There are many kinds of young people, and different people have different needs for life and happiness.I wish the right.Finally talk about my personal view though Mr Luo did not how to do real estate, but a lot of ideas is worth pondering, I have a little memory is that most of us is to buy a house for the final mission of the believers, so even if the house value, they won’t sell a house to rent a house, even if you can rent a luxury apartment to live until death.However, only one knows how happy the believers who live in their own houses and eat instant noodles feel in life.What kind of life a strong person will eventually live is actually his own choice. There is nothing wrong with buying a house, but he may also have his own life trajectory if he does not buy a house. Just as Lao Luo said at the end, there are many kinds of people, and their happiness towards life is also different.Xiaobian paid to buy the question and answer to share with you, do not feel touched?Thank you for your watch.