Explore IQ tax, please do not take partial national economy!

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Today I see a particularly interesting topic: intelligence tax!I’m going to share it with you and talk about it.There are several relatively fresh cases mentioned in the article, and I will share them with you first and then add my own personal experience.Case 1: A friend’s wife wanted to buy a Japanese skin care product, and the price was 2000 yuan per set on JINGdong. Her best friend happened to be traveling in Japan, so she asked her best friend how much it was, and her best friend replied that it was 1200 yuan per set. She was so happy that she asked her best friend to bring a set.Do not know how long, this elder brother wife does not know from over there to hear that this protects skin to taste the price that is in Japan is 700 yuan, her boudoir honey this change hands, earned his boudoir honey 500 yuan!Make a fool of yourself?Are you being taxed on intelligence?I don’t need money and I can’t be insulted.So, the man’s wife and her bestie had a big fight, finally returned the skin care products, 1,200 yuan back, in jingdong bought 2,000 yuan skin care products.Of course, bestie also can’t do, to the end of the end is to turn against each other.Note: This case is taken from the author’s article “Beyond endurance: Once and for all, the Insurance Industry’s IQ tax is clear!”Excuse me everybody, is this elder brother wife earned by bestie 500 yuan calculate intelligence quotient tax?After refund in jingdong bought 2000 yuan of that one, excuse me she this does not calculate to pay intelligence quotient tax?This is case one. Leave a comment in the comments section.Case two: in Stephen Chow’s movie “The King of 1000 Kings 2000”, there is such a bridge segment: three rich men were locked up by 1000 Kings ferrari and took Viagra every day.Huang Shihu was also shut in but brought a four-legged snake (the movie is crocodile), at this time three rich people scrambled to buy this four-legged snake, one said 1 million, one said to 10 million, one to 10 villa…Finally yellow tiger a four – legged snake earned a TV station.Excuse me, does this TV millionaire pay intelligence tax?If the TV station is in debt, and excuse me the rich is a profit or loss?Case three: this time I tell a personal experience of it.I play an online game, usually like to recycle some of the returned equipment, can be sold to return players.Since it costs more to build the same game weapon yourself, veteran players who come back often buy the finished item directly.Once I met a friend, because I am an old player of this game, he asked me for some questions about game equipment collocation. He thought my analysis was thorough and reasonable, so he bought a game equipment RECOMMENDED by me.At that time, the recovered price of the equipment was 1000 yuan. If the equipment cost about 1800 yuan to build by myself, I sold it to him for 1200 yuan.I don’t know how long later, he learned from the owner of the original equipment that the price of this equipment was 1000 yuan, so he had a big quarrel with me on the game and left me…I feel bad about it.Although I’m a bit of a businessman in the game.But it was hard for me to lose my gaming buddy.So I made a decision: in the future, equipment will not be sold to acquaintances, game friends and so on…Excuse me everybody, does my friend calculate low intelligence quotient person?Is it an IQ tax?Intelligence tax, the word itself is a pejorative!It means low IQ, brainless, stupid, etc.There is a few undesirable businessman indeed in reality, special trap person, for instance a man that I see goes hairdressing wash cut blow to need 38 yuan only originally, how to push a set of project much 10,000?I think it must be a profiteer.If normal earn price difference calls pay IQ tax, everybody resists such IQ tax, what economy to talk about?What about GDP?In the morning, I went to the supermarket to buy meat, the price is 16.8 yuan a catty, afternoon to go to the supermarket, found that become 12.8 yuan a catty.Excuse me, can I argue with my boss and demand a refund?I even know the wholesale price of this pork is only 9.8 yuan a catty!Would you like to go to the wholesale market to buy pork at 9.8 yuan per catty?Even if you wanted to, you know what?Can you buy a pig all at once?Even if you buy a pig at 9.8 yuan per catty, will you kill it?Can you shave a pig?Can you split it?Aren’t those labor costs?A clothing platform selling price is 99 yuan, a lot is 66 yuan, some products will be 128 yuan, and the wholesale price of this clothing is 19 yuan, excuse me everyone 99 yuan is called to pay IQ tax?128 yuan of call pay intelligence quotient tax?66 yuan must be good word of mouth?I remember when I was in high school, my family was poor, and I bought dozens of student shoes worth of off-brand shoes.A friend home rich, bought a pair of Nike is 680 yuan of famous brand shoes, every day in front of me show off.Just as I have a classmate mother is to open shoe shop, I ask him to go back to ask his mother this kind of shoes into the price of how many, the result says just 200 multivariate.This matter, I have not told that love to show off the classmate.I don’t think it’s necessary. As long as he’s happy, 680 yuan is well spent.The market is like this, cabbage today 2 yuan a catty, tomorrow maybe 3 yuan a catty, this thing you need, you like, that is worth it.I also read a story: a rich man and a poor traveler in the desert together, the poor traveler carried 10 bottles of mineral water on his back, the rich nothing.It is expected to take three days to get out of the desert. The poor tourists sold two bottles of water to the rich for 100 yuan on the first day, 1,000 yuan on the second day, and 10,000 yuan on the third day.For us ordinary people, the 2 yuan a bottle of mineral water, not worth 100 yuan 1000 yuan or even 10,000 yuan a bottle, but for the rich, it is worth ah, these water is the water of life ah!Can we say that rich people have low IQs?A fool?I guess you’d be a fool to say that, wouldn’t you?