Essay | early spring wind and rain, gentle time

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One night, listen to the spring rain, spring breeze, spring rain.The spring breeze was swaying the shadowy branches outside the window, and the grass pointed out to the vast western jungle, and the night sky mixed with light.The early morning sunshine, as always, slanted across the urban jungle battlements and overpasses, shining into the land of humble living, the boundless sea of people moving, and the home full of spring.Early spring rain, a night of falling, gentle wind, gentle rain.After a storm, the sun is shining, the moonlight is charming, and the mountains and rivers are infinitely gentle.Grass on the ground, some can’t wait to share beautiful spring flowers, quietly in the passage of time with buds, lonely and lonely, easy and low-key in full bloom, drunk beauty amazing years eyes.Spring flowers, do not be surprised, not attached to the elegant, clinging to the growth of the sky can reach out to touch the clouds.Petal spring war, let the wind shu roll, bright and happy dust.The plain of Chengdu is nourished by the pure river, which flows from the melting snow of the Bayan Erra Mountains.Yearslong autumn water, from the upstream flowing to the South river, in the vision of the river, autumn far away, has been a river spring water, in the spring breeze, the river bed few impurities, swaying naked moss, east flow.There is no wind yet, no rain yet, that roils the western hills and sweeps the vegetation.At this time, the spring breeze is warm and moist, spring rain moistens vegetation, luxuriant vegetation, gentle time.