Chengjing chain Hebei!Tianjin has been deeply integrated into the coordinated development of The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region

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Jinyun News: Actively undertake the relocation of non-capital functions of Beijing, support the construction and development of Xiongan New Area…Reporters learned that since the implementation of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy 8 years ago, Tianjin firmly set up the “chess” idea, proactive and in-depth integration of beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development.According to the national deployment, Tianjin takes the undertaking project mechanism, platform and policy as the starting point, strengthens the overall planning, planning and scheduling, and constantly forms a good situation of all departments grasping and undertaking jointly.In 2021, with the national development investment group, huaneng group, chengtong group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, 13 units such as sinopec, and cnooc, 51 central enterprises in tianjin newly incorporated institution, 173, Chinese medical science and technology innovation system of the core base base in tianjin, sinopec tianjin nangang new high-end project cluster, a batch of high quality ground construction project,We will continue to introduce new driving forces to boost the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.At the same time, Tianjin continues to promote carrier construction. Since the opening of Binhai Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, more than 3,000 new registered enterprises have been registered. In 2021, high-tech enterprises and small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises in the park will increase by 188% and 181% year-on-year respectively.Baodi Zhongguancun Science and technology City introduced more than 600 economic subjects, high-end medical industrial park and other projects started construction.On perfecting the service system, the beijing-tianjin commuter facilitation 12 measures are fully implemented, the beijing-tianjin inter-city trains to realize “public transport” shifts, high-speed rail station in tianjin to Beijing south railway station to realize “appointment + straight brush” drive mode, the beijing-tianjin metro APP to pay to achieve mutual recognition, the two cities “quick commuter train of Beijing and tianjin” and running applications.Tianjin actively strengthened effective coordination and cooperation with Hebei Province, implemented the strategic cooperation agreement on promoting the construction and development of Xiongan New Area signed with Hebei Province, and refined and implemented the national guidance.In 2021, tianjin Port served Xiongan New Area with over 11,000 TEUS of green channel transportation.Construction of the Xiongan Campus of Tianjin No. 1 High School and the Xiongan Training Base of Tianjin Electronic Information Vocational And Technical College has been accelerated. Tianjin has organized four groups of medical teams dispatched to xiongan New Area to provide medical and health assistance.Tianjin Jinghai District gave full play to the role of the prefabricated construction industry innovation alliance to strengthen industrial interaction and cooperation with Xiongan New Area.Xiqing District of Tianjin, with the construction of the beautiful “Kouzi Town” as the starting point, has created the “Tianjin West Shouyi” that serves xiongan New Area.Accelerating the construction of “One Base and Three Districts” Tianjin insists on function leading, project driving, inventory management and environment optimization, and focuses on improving the radiation function of urban services by realizing the project-based inventory support system of “one base and three districts”.Centering on the construction of the national advanced manufacturing RESEARCH and development base, Tianjin has continued to make plans and make plans, focusing on 12 industrial chains such as credit innovation and high-end equipment, cultivating strategic emerging industries, accelerating the upgrading of traditional industries, supporting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises through digitalization, networking and intelligence, and speeding up the construction of a strong manufacturing city.In promoting the construction of an international shipping hub in northern China, Tianjin has accelerated the construction of a world-class smart and green hub port. The container throughput of Tianjin Port has exceeded 20 million TEUs, and sea-rail combined transport has exceeded 1 million TEUS, a record high.We will improve port transport methods and services.It is the world’s first autonomous driving demonstration zone approved for construction.We improved the function of tianjin Port’s smart platform for gathering and opening ports, and the proportion of “ship side direct lifting” and “direct loading upon arrival” reached more than 20%.Tianjin gave full play to the guiding role of the fund, and the construction of financial innovation operation demonstration zone was in full swing.Haihe Industrial Fund has signed 46 parent fund partnership agreements, and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated development Industrial investment Fund has been set up and put into operation.The total assets and balance of factoring financing issued by commercial factoring companies rank first in China.The development of national leasing innovation demonstration zones was accelerated, with the leasing and disposal of aircraft, international shipping vessels and offshore platforms accounting for more than 80 percent of the country’s total, making China the second largest aircraft leasing cluster in the world.Shenzhen Stock Exchange Tianjin Base, Agricultural Bank of China Global Anti-Money Laundering Center (Tianjin), the first cross-border RMB factoring business in China were officially launched.In addition, important achievements have been made in the construction of the pilot zone of reform and opening up. It has been approved to take the lead in developing into an international consumer center city, and implementation plans have been issued. The construction of regional trade center cities has been accelerated.The State Council approved a comprehensive pilot program for further opening up the service sector.Beijing and Tianjin jointly implemented the eighth batch of innovative measures to facilitate cross-border trade.The business environment has significantly improved, and reform of the review and approval system has been carried out to ensure that all government services, except for special matters, are handled online, with 98 percent of them implemented online.Business start-up time is reduced to less than 1 working day.We will complete the reform of legal institutions in all development zones in binhai New Area, and modernize the governance system and capacity.In the next step, Tianjin will serve the relocation of non-capital functions of Beijing and the construction of Xiongan New Area, efficiently promote the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation and industrial development, build an international shipping hub in northern China with high quality, promote high-level institutional and mechanism reform, promote environmental and resource governance with high standards, and carry out high-level joint construction and sharing of public services.With a sense of opportunity, a sense of responsibility, and practical and effective measures, we will continue to achieve remarkable results in the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.(Tianqiaomei, Jinyun News reporter)