29 Decorating tips you didn’t know

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1, the partition board of the shoe cabinet should not be the head, leaving a little space so that the ash of shoes can leak to the bottom, and the lamp is installed above the sink and gas stove.When deciding the position of toilet floor drain, must have thought first, measure good size.The floor drain is best located on one side of the brick. If it is located in the middle of the brick, no matter how tilted the brick is, the floor drain will not be the lowest point.2, toilet, air conditioning socket are not designed switch.Especially toilet electric water heater, take with a pair of class switch to insert advisable.If want to close electric heating, unplug has danger 3, about the processing method of Angle of face brick Yang part, it is the level that sees a worker after all.If the level of clay workers is good, and the tool of grinding tile is better, you should not hesitate to choose the practice of grinding 45 degrees Angle.From the point of view of the effect, as long as the good grinding, grinding 45 degrees of Yang Angle approach, is the most beautiful!If the level of workers is really not good, then you still choose to use the positive Angle bar, because the grinding of a bad 45 degree Angle is not as good as the effect of using the positive Angle bar.4, after the row of water pipe pressure test is also very important.Test, everyone must be present, and the test time at least 30 minutes, conditions permit, the best one hour.10 kilograms of pressure, no final reduction in order to pass the test.5, when the plastic steel door must calculate the size of the plastic steel door frame protruding the wall, inform the installation personnel, so that the final door frame and the wall is flat, so that it is beautiful, and good health.6, carpentry infiltrate right set of ceramic tile is also want to cooperate, and wet infiltrate right set, want to consider the ground below (any side of the door on both sides of the ground) is also sticks ceramic tile or other cement mortar leveling, because if the door in front of the post ceramics good nail, package to the ground, with cement, in the future if touched, cement and door cover7. The bottom of the mattress and the bed plate must be breathable.9, buy lamps and lanterns should pay attention to: generally try to choose glass, stainless steel, copper or wooden (shelf), generally do not buy what iron plating on what other coating ah, what paint ah, easy to fade.Washbasin as far as possible with ceramic basin, glass basin difficult to do health 11, hydropower transformation to their own plan, ask them to open cao straight line.I watched them draw lines, all according to the drawn lines.Every item should be checked and accepted by itself.Waterproof must do a good job, must test the water!A lot of construction verbal agreement became the gap when closing the account, be sure to write in black and white, increase and decrease the project must ask the price, write it out!14, if the ground is equipped with the floor, the ground should be re-made cement layer.Kitchen door, or to decorate the carpenter to do wooden rail door as well.16. Put as many power plugs in the living room as possible.17, the bathroom shower or do partition.Cannot diagram save trouble to pull curtain of a bath to settle a matter, actual very inconvenient, current is full ground.Do the door and door frame material to choose wood grain meticulous material.19. Be sure to confirm whether the waterways of your home are OK before installing cabinets.Kitchen and bathroom floor tiles must not pick white.The ceiling should pay special attention to wipe the putty to wipe the Dulux. The number of lights in the living room should not be too much, and it is better to be simple, otherwise like the lamps and lanterns store!23,, buy those who need to install things as far as possible to sell the installation of goods, it is not package installation, also must insist on the installation of the complete payment!!During the decoration, you used to collect the name cards of manufacturers with 25, the protective film of aluminum gusset plate is best removed before installation.Shoe cabinet had better use shutter door, deodorant.A socket can be left at the side of the shoe cabinet for drying shoes.You can install a small light where you cut vegetables.If convenient, the restaurant can also arrange air fans, so that eating hot pot or barbecue will not dirty the ceiling of the hall room.The door had better arrange a sundry cabinet, can be placed on the top of the shoe cabinet.Put your usual things like umbrella, bag, scissors, change, medicine, etc., there, so it’s very convenient.I hope I can help those who are decorating