To let rural left-behind children have a good Spring Festival, Changsha city insurance center to send a love package

2022-05-23 0 By

On January 25, sansho metropolis daily dispatch (article/video media reporters Yu Yang correspondent ) in changsha city civil affairs bureau under the guidance of tan, changsha minors rescue protection center (hereinafter referred to as the municipal center of the uninsured) has started the rural left-behind children and children in the city tour to visit program, enter a visit on love package, let the children happy Spring Festival.If you have left-behind children and children in need of help in rural areas, you can contact the local civil affairs department, township (street) children supervisor, village (community) children director, or dial 0731-12345 transfer minors protection special line to register.”Five Ones” refined services include: an in-home visit, a love package, a psychological counseling service, the formation of a visit survey report, the development of a set of personalized emergency plan.In addition, the municipal uninsured Center will establish a set of standardized bookkeeping forms and service files to register the basic information, living and learning situation, family situation and service records of the service objects in detail. One person will be assigned to one person, and standardized rules and regulations will be formulated to effectively improve the protection of minors in the way of project services.At present, changsha has a total of more than 2,000 orphans, fact-free children, more than 20,000 rural left-behind children and children in difficulties.The inspection visit will last until 2022 and will be divided into three stages. The household visit phase of the project will start from January 17 and last for 2 weeks. A total of 120 children reported to be in need of key care will be visited and love packages containing food, books, epidemic prevention materials and warm supplies will be distributed.After the visit, the city’s uninsured center will carry out targeted group counseling for rural left-behind children and children in distress, professional volunteer team training, key case follow-up, and large-scale volunteer service activities according to demand.For children in distress, we will cooperate with professional institutions, social workers and experts in the field of psychology to plan and design individual counseling programs, and develop individualized psychological assistance services for each child in distress according to their actual situation, providing free individual counseling services.According to a person in charge of the city’s uninsured center, the center has completed its transformation and upgrading by the end of 2021, extending its services from street children to rural left-behind children and children in distress.At the same time, we call on more individuals and groups to join in the care and protection of left-behind children and children in difficulties in rural areas of the city, and jointly boost the creation of a child-friendly city.[Editor: Wu Daixia][Source: Sanxiang Metropolis Daily]