This Winter Olympics, Internet users are such “star”

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We want to be first and love the fireworks.What did Gu Eat between matches?Ren Ziwei changes his birthday every year…Internet users’ enthusiasm for the archaeology of winter Olympic athletes is the most frequently searched winter Olympic trivia.Looking further back, it’s us star-obsessed Olympians who no longer indulge in making gods.Worship for stars and god confused, we did not eat too much loss, the entertainment circle is the disaster area, sports circle is no lack of examples.Knowing that there is no god in the world, nor perfect man, but still in a daze on the head.So that “collapse of the house”, the fans of love and hate are also interpreted as simple and crude.Rice circle that set in the entertainment circle to be vigorously managed, more unfavorable to put the Olympic athletes chasing stars here.To sum up, The Olympic athletes represent the patriotism and sportsmanship, and those who love them are the ones who love the patriotism and sportsmanship carried by them.In a small way, the love of fans and even passers-by for The Olympic athletes is really strong.If you don’t want to be carried away by enthusiasm, you need to find the right emotional outlet to find more resonance with olympians.So, leek box Gu Ayling, Han Geng “grandpa” Su Yiming, turn out the baffle small Jung, always 18 years old Ren Ziwei, like 2021 circle Yang Qian hair card yellow duck, full red chan wish to catch the doll, from the summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics, “after 00” Olympic athletes’ life is hd, is wonderful, but also the ground spirit of children.From god to man, from priggish to whimsical, this novelty is not something out of nothing.The olympians’ fuel is already there, but we used to see the gold MEDALS and not the fireworks.It is interesting that when we like the down-to-earth spirit and fireworks of Olympic athletes, we just return to the ultimate understanding of the feelings of home and country and the spirit of sports.Four years to wait for a session, but a dozen days, the Olympics and Olympic athletes will not always stop at the top of the hot search.Even so, chasing the star Of the Olympic Games is not just chasing the star gold medal list, chasing the star paper people.We want to be first and love the fireworks.Gold MEDALS and silver MEDALS make the Olympic Games shiny, but fireworks can make the sports background thick.You see, Gu Ailing’s favorite pork and leek dumplings are the beauty of Chinese food culture and the taste of grandma, mother and home.Ren Ziwei’s “18 years old every year” little idea, is the youth spirit, is the competitive struggle will not accept the old;What about the snowboarder Jung, who made her Olympic debut?These ordinary, or shy funny daily life, closer to the audience and contestants, but also closer to the fans and idols.I can, and so can you, at least start with the daily routine. There is no idol like this who inspires fans. There is no idol like this who inspires people.If I summarize, what is this routine?Love sports, from love yourself, love life.Commentator | Zhang Xuwang Photo source | stilly photo, editor | @People’s Daily | Zhang Yajing