The opening LiuZhenJun | praise the year of the tiger Olympic victory

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Once summer Gold fou to the Winter Olympics show heroic flame lit jianer road five rings hold the ice and snow situation Yulong golden tiger jump kunpeng silver Yan Qi flying less than the Great Wall not a hero boundless scenery China red noteThe king fou – Ming is the fou performance for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Summer Olympics.2. The Torch for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was carried by about 40 torchbearers during the 1.47-kilometer relay at the Badaling Great Wall on The morning of February 3.At the Badaling Great Wall, a symbol of the “spine of the nation,” torchbearers holding the silver and red torches “fly” up the stairs, their vigorous posture and the magnificent world cultural heritage integration.3. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics was held at the Bird’s Nest National Stadium on the evening of February 4.Accompanied by the music of “Ode to the Motherland”, the Chinese sports delegation entered the stadium, full of Chinese red eyes, the scene of applause thunderous!2022.2.5