The Knowledge of Life: How do great philosophers understand the knowledge of life

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The 2022 Winter Olympics are in full swing, as are preparations for the Paralympic Winter Games.Recently, a small video of gesture dance has gone viral with the song “Together for the Future”.In the video, the beautiful young dancer Liu Yan sat in a wheelchair, waving arms like a pair of wings to fly, with teammates who can not run against the wind, to this ice and snow appointment.Dance is moving, liu Yan is more moving.People familiar with Liu Yan know that in 2008 that is about to step on the peak of life rehearsal, accident, lead to high paraplegia…The fatal blow, so quietly came!For Liu Yan, dancing is her life!If she couldn’t dance, it would be her death!Now, seeing Liu Yan on the stage with a smiling face, we know that in the 14 years when she could not stand, she was carrying on a journey about life and dream.When one returns to oneself and begins to look inward, one wonders what the ultimate meaning of life is.This is the idea of philosophy.Many years ago, I read a book called “The Knowledge of Life” by Mou Zongsan. Many philosophical thoughts in it were not easily understood at that time. Now I come to realize that all philosophies and principles are the experience of life.For Liu Yan, feet can’t dance, hands can!Life is not lost, life will not be on the road to extinction.Philosophy is not out of reach.But its depth is still daunting to many people, and the topic of life is daunting because of its depth.Fortunately, there are still some people who continue to search and ask until death do us part.Such as Xiong Shili, Mou Zongsan and so on.Reading “The Knowledge of Life” again, I felt more understanding and respect for the author.One can read Mou Zongsan in philosophy. The best book to get started with is 19 Lectures on Chinese Philosophy, which is his cognition of philosophy. It is easier to read other books of mou Zongsan after knowing his cognition of his own philosophy, the scope of his discussion and his attitude towards philosophy.Who is Mou Zongsan?Mou Zongsan, alias Lizhong, was born in Qixia, Shandong Province. He is known as the most “original” philosopher of wisdom in modern China.He devoted his life to promoting Chinese national culture and made great contributions to the globalization of Chinese culture.His representative works include Mind body and Nature Body, Talent and Metaphysics, Nineteen Lectures on Chinese Philosophy and so on.He is talking about an inescapable theoretical peak of modern Neo-Confucianism.He inherited the philosopher thought of his teacher Xiong Shili and focused on the research of philosophical theory, seeking the integration of Confucian philosophy and Kant’s philosophy.Confucianism is a kind of knowledge of life, which allows people’s soul to settle down, their spirit to grow up and their personality to be perfected.He thought that King Lu of Confucius and Mencius was the right vein, and his theoretical thoughts had an important influence at home and abroad.The book “The Knowledge of Life” reflects on life from a philosophical point of view, explores the knowledge of life, and guides those who are troubled by life.Modern man pursues ideal, but has no ideal.More and more impetuous society, the heart is always quiet down, even if can heaven and earth, and how?Road, where should we go?Mou Zongsan believes that the main subject of Chinese philosophy is life, which is what we call the knowledge of life.To know the meaning of life, to know how to regulate our life, to operate our life, to settle our life, this is the most important thing.Mr. Wang looked at the world and China with the eyes of a wise man and was worried.Since the Revolution of 1911, the Chinese society has generally known that science and democracy are required.But if life cannot be sober and coherent, how can science and democracy be possible?Under the influence of the Western wave, Chinese thought is generally confused, superficial and devoid of its nature.The academic direction of the last 50 years has been to conform to the West, and western philosophy is not “life center” at all.Western thinking focuses on knowledge and neglects life, which is about everyone and everyone’s life.The knowledge of life is fundamental, related to personal cultivation and the nation, and even the fate of mankind.The real learning of life is actually in China.The key topic of Chinese traditional culture is life.Since ancient times, there has been a saying in China that “the way of a university lies in Mingming De”, and the knowledge of mingming De is the true knowledge of life.Mr. Xiong also praised his mentor Xiong Shili in the book, saying that he had devoted his whole life to exploring the essence of life and the knowledge of life, inheriting Confucian and sages’ benevolence and enhancing national morality.As for the Chinese people’s neglect of the knowledge of life, causing desolation and gloom in the field of life, Mr. Wang spoke vehemently: “The tradition of life learning in China has long been broken!”He also stressed that it was necessary to “inherit Confucius and Mencius from the top, and follow the late Ming Dynasty, and directly lift all the wrong, the distortion since the Qing Dynasty, available and unimpeded.”He also pointed out that, in this way, “the Chinese nation should do its best to overcome hardships and stand tall in the earth.”Mr. Wang is full of confidence in Chinese culture. This speech aims to improve people’s historical and cultural awareness, awaken people’s real life, and open people’s real ideals.Can’t help but make people excited!Also make a person feel from the true temperament of a wise man and a cavity warm blood, deeply admire.Mou Zongsan once said, “Our generation suffered from ideas, and let the next generation live in concrete.”Life is vertical and three-dimensional.The core of Chinese culture is the knowledge of life, the awakening of real life.Learning to find life and reviving traditional Chinese culture are also ways to build Chinese confidence.At this point, you know where the road is going?Low consciousness of moral value, low consciousness of history and culture, how does the temperament of the Chinese nation make public?How is the ideal realized?The loss of the knowledge of life is not only a loss of the nation, but also a loss of mankind.Mr. A’s foresight was rare in those days and commendable even today.With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s life and conditions are also facing great challenges.It is of great importance to clarify the essence of the thoughts we have absorbed and firm our own Chinese path and position.Philosophy is unfathomable but interesting to read and understand, as Monsieur said, “If rivers flow, they can be harnised abundantly.”This book is not a series of works, but a collection of his articles published in various newspapers and periodicals. Besides “The Knowledge of Life”, his understanding of the Water Margin is also unique. In his opinion, the Dream of the Red Chamber is the Hinayana, the Golden Ping Mei is the Mahayana, and the Water Margin is the Zen.Such statements are striking, and the analysis is pithy.There is no esoteric vocabulary, no mystifying mystery, but a philosopher’s knowledge and insight into life.Fu Weixun, a philosopher, speaks highly of Mou Zongshan, who is the first person to represent the real level of Modern Chinese philosophy after Wang Yangming, inheriting Xiong Shili’s path.I dedicate this book to everyone who is trying to find meaning in life.I am shadow penxia, accompany you to read!