Lynk 06 fair price sales of 118,600 welcome to the shop inquiries!

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All car department comprehensive discount up to ten thousand yuan!!We solemnly promise, do not engage in gimmicks, with price talk, personally feel the unprecedented price impact of the scene, is to fight sales, prices are floating clouds.Bozhou vision star run solemn commitment to buy your return price difference, flash sale, opportunity only once, miss another year, this time we play is heartbeat, send is to stimulate, is so capricious!Without more words, watch a wave of welfare notice!: Installment purchase of all series of models, quick approval of a license, simple procedures, no pressure on installment, and a variety of great benefits: 1. Financial interest-free support for one year, two years and three years;2, all models support 10% down payment;3. The maximum term of the ultra-long loan is five years;: No need to queue for 30 minutes to complete the registration procedure;: The store test drive is complete: to provide you with professional driving experience services;: Complete models, no need to wait for the car, can be ordered now;: Three lifelong free services: lifelong free warranty, lifelong free road rescue, lifelong free traffic.Interested friends welcome to bozhou vision Star Run Linke 4S shop to buy cars, truly enjoy one-stop car buying service.Installment, insurance, licensing, installation, easy to get a stop, save time, save effort, save worry!If you can’t wait, then take the initiative to call us (surprise special line: 400-972-8785) Bozhou City Duzhong Road West vision auto City.Bozhou Star run lingke Center all staff are waiting for your presence!Lynk cars, what you think, more than cars!Bozhou Starun Lingke Center welcomes you and your family to visit, in addition to new car sales, we will also provide you with: a: “convenient and fast” car loan service;Two: “fast” registration service;Iii. One-stop insurance butler service of “ease of worry and rest assured”;Four: “professional and reliable” maintenance services;Five: free WIFI in the store, tea and film lounge, free pick-up and viewing in the city, in order to bring you a better experience, suggest interested friends welcome to inquire 400-972-8785.The event will run from March 29, 2022 to March 29, 2022