I have good eyes!On the cliff strategy

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This time bring is the mobile tour my eyes son thief good!In Travel Story mode, chapter 2 loulan Adventure Level 3, “on the Cliff” strategy.There are 6 items to find in this level.Drag the knife in Qian Beibei’s hand to cut off the vine next to it twice.Click on the cut vine to get the first item.Drag the tree trunk on the hillside to the level with the bird’s nest.After the trunk is placed, the bird in the nest is startled away. After the bird leaves, it clicks on the egg in the nest to obtain the second item.The trunk can be removed to reveal the flower behind the trunk, click to get the third item.Drag the stone around Qian Bei Bei to the layer below the tree trunk.After the stone is removed to reveal the gecko beneath the stone, click to get the fourth item.Drag the rope down the hill to the tent.Click on the telescope next to Qian Beibei.See a rock with a rope tied to it from the telescope, click on the rope to get the fifth item.When Qian beibei gets to the tent, he clicks on the tent’s zipper.Pull the tent open to reveal the bag inside, click to get the sixth item.