Down by 3!The Lakers are close to the Warriors, James is tied with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Curry has 17 points, and Kumminga is on fire

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The Los Angeles Lakers travel to Golden State to face the Warriors in the NBA regular-season showdown.Many fans still remember the lakers’ 103-100 win over golden State in the playoffs last year.The Warriors got their revenge in a 121-114 victory over the Lakers after the two teams met in the first half of the season.However, after more than three months now, the lakers and the mighty things, warrior triumphantly rushed all the way to the west 2, smack of to return to the peak, while the lakers top divers, fall into the west 9, two teams wins the gap reached 15, the lakers’ record of 26-30 negative, for the warriors of the record of 41-15.It was reported that some members of the Lakers wanted westbrook to be traded, but in the end, the lakers didn’t make the decision and Westbrook remained with the lakers.After the lakers’ surprise loss to the rebuilding Portland Trail Blazers, Westbrook said, “I’m not used to sitting on the bench for so long.”That might be a hint to Vogel to give him a little more playing time.I have to say westbrook is pretty confident. He’s pretty happy with how he’s playing.Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, not knowing if Westbrook can recapture the form of a few seasons ago.The last game lost to the Portland Trail Blazers, reflecting the poor record of the Lakers, there must be more than one less reason, the whole team should reflect on themselves, the Lakers’ defense is really a serious problem, need a person to mobilize their defense enthusiasm.The lakers will have Westbrook, Bradley, Stanley Johnson, James and Davis in the starting lineup, while the Warriors will have Curry, Thompson, Wiggins, Kuninga and Luni.At the beginning of the first quarter, The Lakers got the ball first. James’ familiar kickoff pass to Westbrook was pushed forward, And The Warriors launched a counterattack. Thompson’s negative Angle floater was blocked by The Lakers, and the Warriors opened the game with two points.James by library Ming urgent stopped, foul on line, two free throws, the lakers open the situation, wiggins connect garage pass up a three-pointer, Bradley’s big space perimeter shots also have, wei scored from a less stormed the basket for the lakers, garage fire perimeter foul, three free throws.Kuminga then turned on the momentum, scoring five straight points as the Warriors took the lead by more than five points at 14-7.The Lakers had trouble shooting free throws, with James, Grady and Trevor ariza each missing two free throws in the first quarter to keep the Warriors ahead.Going into the second half of the first quarter, the Warriors pulled wiggins, Curry and Thompson, and the Lakers, led by Jason Jenmey, stopped their slump a little bit. Tucker hit a 3-pointer from the top of the arc, timberlake drove into the basket for a kill, this time a free throw.But the Warriors pulled away again late on a Damian Lee layup and Poole’s three-point foul.The Warriors led the lakers 32-26 after the first quarter.James had eight points and three rebounds in the first quarter and Curry had nine points.The warriors opened the second quarter with five straight points from Thompson and Poole from midrange as golden State went on a 7-0 run to put the lakers up 13 points.The Lakers immediately called a timeout.Back from the timeout, the two teams in the offensive end of the building, the Lakers defense is still very serious, Thompson hit two 3-pointers, and the Warriors inside the defense is also a big hole, Westbrook back-to-back basket, Tucker was good in the game, from the top of the arc hit another 3-pointer.The difference between the two teams has been around 10 points.Midway through the second quarter, the Lakers began to pick up momentum, with their eyebrows hanging around the basket, James’s outside shooting, and the lakers closing in on a five-point lead, with Curry making back-to-back high throws late in the first half to help golden State secure the lead.The first quarter ended and the first half ended with the Lakers trailing by three points, 62-65.The game was still very intense.At halftime, Lebron James had 18 points, six rebounds and four assists, Sacramento had nine points and four rebounds, Westbrook had 10 points and two assists, Tucker 10 points and Bradley eight points.For the Warriors, Curry had 17 points, four rebounds and six assists, Wiggins eight points, Thompson 10 points, and Koonin had 16 points and five rebounds on 7-for-8 shooting.The 18 points brought James to 44,149, tying Kareem abdul-Jabbar for the most career points in NBA history.