Chasing love family: take hold of spare tire ten years, qi Tian like “goddess”, where is the height?

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Love is a game, and must always keep equal and equal with each other, in order to stay together and cherish each other in the long run.Because too strong an opponent is tiring, too weak an opponent is boring.In the urban drama “Chasing the Love Family”, the most annoying thing about the ironic Father and son of the Qi family is qi Tian, who is the best spare tire in the world.In order to pursue goddess Dong Yiyi, the chickens fly and the dogs jump in the house.Playing charcoal at home, forcing dad to sell the house.Whenever there was something unhappy, the goddess called Qi Tian.What in the end is a fairy like character, can qi old three fans into such.Second sister-in-law for Qi Tian check, went to see the girl one eye, gave the most pertinent evaluation, do not like.However, the more I looked back, the more I found that I had been treated as a spare for ten years, not because Qi Tian was too stupid, but because the “goddess” he liked was too high.After all, Qi Tian is not really stupid, but also a hungry know to eat, know to hide in the house when it rains.Always keep aloof from things, always is the best.A lot of things, once really have, hot in the past will be found, in fact, that is the matter.And Dong Yiyi’s section of the high, right here.Know qi tian likes oneself, can give him point hope from time to time.If he quarreled with his ex-boyfriend of the rich second generation, he would call Qi Tian out and pour out his heart to him.Rich 2 generation of former boyfriend derailed again, qi Tian called out again, tell him grievance.But even though they broke up with their ex-boyfriend, they never admitted his identity when they were with Qi Tian.In the name of a friend.Pretending to be a best friend and enjoying the girlfriend treatment.This time, by the former boyfriend hurt very hard, they agree to be with Qi Tian together.But with the name of boyfriend friend, get along with dong Yiyi as the leading ordinary friend relationship.In my heart, I still care about my rich and beautiful ex-boyfriend.Clearly not willing to marry Qi Tian, but deliberately encouraged each other to buy an expensive house.The end also asked Qi Tian, about to buy a two-bedroom.Whether mother-in-law can live in it, and whether old father-in-law can live in it.Then asked, because of the house, will be looked down upon by Qi Tian’s parents.The result when rich second generation ex-boyfriend came back, promised to give her a 288-square-meter green grand court.Qi Tian’s that set has not come out 108 flat, in Dong Yiyi here immediately is not enough to see.A good white lotus flower in its heyday, play hard to get, be either aloof or aloof, this set, the use of perfect.Often gentle a knife such a girl, discerning people can see.This is not Qi Tian’s cup of tea, at least not the girl he can hold.The famous brand of whole body, whole body up and down adds tens of thousands.This heavy love, not qi Tian can afford to rise.Such tea art master, ordinary people can taste out.But why did Qi Tian become a spare tire for ten years, no regrets, just did not find.After seeing dong Yiyi’s mode of getting along with Qi Tian, I have to admire dong Yiyi, who is really a high section of green tea.In the evening, Dong Yiyi decided to have a rest.Qi Tian did not say hello, ran to her dormitory building, to call her.In the face of uninvited people, Dong Yiyi clearly has been very impatient.But the other end of the phone, but only warm and soft blame.Qi Tian gave her a famous brand bag, carrying the bag with the leadership to see the customer, was ridiculed as fake, dong Yiyi lost her job.Face to find their own qi day, heart gas to speechless.The surface is pale.Just don’t look at ignore him, even rolled his eyes didn’t turn over a.Facing Qi Tian this spare tire of time, Dong Yiyi is always a pair of lukewarm soft appearance, never said a heavy word to him.This is why in qi Tian’s heart, Dong Yiyi is always a kind girl.When the family jumped out to oppose and questioned Dong Yiyi’s bad intentions, Qi Tian jumped up to oppose the voice, higher than anyone.This is how a tea master expresses his affection to an ordinary girl.When she was angry, she would slap her husband on the ear.This kind of visual expression of their emotions and sorrows often makes straight men feel embarrassed.On the contrary, Dong Yiyi’s gentle knife, although every time pain, but no blood.It gives straight men a good impression of being sweet and understanding.Perhaps, some people will say that Dong Yiyi is a good girl.Qi Tian PUA himself, for so many years, refused to let go.But anyone who’s ever been in a relationship knows that.If a person is truly compassionate and does not like it, he will decisively refuse.Long pain is better than short pain, although the moment of pain, but think about the pain, after the pain, once the wound will heal with the passage of time.Instead of boiling the frog like this, giving him hope and then disappointing him.Then let the other side keep this little light, sink in the dark, despair.When Xiao Nan let Dong Yiyi give Qi Tian as soon as possible, Dong Yiyi refused to express his feelings, let him give up, she insisted on her “gentle” rhythm.You think, because of the girl’s kindness, can not bear to let Qi Tian hurt too much, in fact, otherwise.One side is the high return rich handsome handsome, one side is the low income ordinary spare tire, ordinary people know how to choose.But high returns are often accompanied by high risks, gao Fu Shuai with feelings not designed, Dong Yiyi has a sense of crisis.So she kept qi Tian’s contact information refused to delete, refused to speak too clearly, refused to do a break.Not because of pity qi Tian years of deep feeling, but to leave an economically applicable retreat for themselves.Enter, have 288 flat big mansion.Retreat, a cozy 108-square-meter two-bedroom.This is the wishful thinking of Dong Yiyi, a tea master.